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Duel Mod


Weapon / Power:
Zyre's Yo-yo
Zyre's favorite toy yo-yo when he was still a kid that he converted into a weapon. The string had been replaced by a durable and elastic material, while the head was reinforced with some special ice magic. It also has a special ability to obtain and conjure the powers of its current wielder.

Water Manipulation : Alternate Name(s): Hydrokinesis
The psychic ability to create, shape, and manipulate the water (including the molecules it is composed of) in the hydrosphere.

Current Abilities:
  • Water Sphere
    = Creates a spherical ball of water which can be thrown into enemies.
  • Water Geysers
    = Bursts an upward stream of water from the ground. Used to send light opponents into the air.
  • Water Shot
    = Projects a concentrated torrent of water towards a specific direction.
  • Water Bomb
    = Similar to Water Sphere, but it explodes a blast of compressed water upon impact.
Ice Manipulation : Alternate Name(s): Cryokinesis
The psychic ability to create, shape, and manipulate ice in its various forms.

Current Abilities:
Abilities will be revealed later on...

1 - Versatile Item: The yo-yo Zyre wields as his primary weapon is actually a multipurpose tool which can be used for different purposes at any given time. This includes: clinging onto overhangs to allow for climbing, pulling something towards something else, etc. However, it cannot accomplish multiple tasks at once.
2 - Just Like Home: Zyre had developed a good resistance to cold temperatures thanks to living in the northeastern regions of Cier. This allowed him to survive the harsh cold conditions of the north, thus also allowing him to survive most attacks that involve low temperatures for a longer period of time compared to that of an average human. However, this does NOT mean he is completely invincible against these.
3 - Intelligent: Zyre carefully observes and analyzes the situation and his surroundings, thus allowing him to come up with tactics that may catch the opponent off-guard.
3.1: This also allows him to learn the opponent's patterns and tactics and devise a counter to it. He may even use those newly-learned techniques against them.
4 - Compensation: To make up for the low damage output his yo-yo does, Zyre has fairly higher stamina which allows him to execute a near-continuous streak of attacks.
5 - Perseverance is Key: Even under stressful situations, Zyre remains calm and collected, and almost never becomes desperate. This help him focus more and analyze his situation with ease.
6 - Elemental Strengths: Zyre’s water abilities are very effective against fire- and (possibly) earth-based duelists. This, however, does not mean they’re deemed useless against water.

1 - I’m Still Human: Despite his high intelligence, stamina, and cold resistance, Zyre is still a regular human. He is not immortal. Anything that can hurt a human can still hurt him.
2 - Concentration: When using his elemental powers, Zyre requires enough focus to be able to use them properly. Distractions of any sort can interrupt/delay him long enough, though most of the time he would quickly switch over to his yo-yo to deal damage.
3 - Unfamiliar: Even though Zyre is intelligent, he only has a basic knowledge of many hand-to-hand combat techniques --- mostly defensive --- so anything that he isn’t familiar with may catch him off-guard.
4 - Heat Stroke: Zyre, mostly living in the wintry northern regions of Cier, has little resistance against high temperatures. Very intense heat (i.e.: high noon on a desert) may cause him to blackout in a matter of minutes.
4.1: This also affects his magical abilities. The intense heat would be enough to evaporate the water before it even hits anything. This immediately forces him to fight using his yo-yo.
5 - Low Endurance: Zyre learned mostly to dodge incoming attacks rather than to block them. Hard-hitting opponents (usually melee fighters) may be able to take him down with ease.
5.1: Other duelists can also outmaneuver him through their own ways. For example, duelists with quick reflexes may be able to execute a follow up attack to catch Zyre off-guard. Meanwhile, observant duelists can determine which direction Zyre would move towards when dodging their attacks. ...etc.
6 - Elemental Weaknesses: Lightning-based duelists have a major advantage against Zyre, as water conducts electricity.

Zyre has a relatively cool and level-headed personality, and remains calm even under pressure. When he was younger, he was taught good morals by his parents, and learned the rest on his own after parting ways with the mage from the Moche. Socially, he is outgoing and very friendly.

Character Bio:
Zyre is the second-born child of a family of three siblings. His parents belong to two different northern factions: Azurean (paternal) and Neiran (maternal). Because of this, they live separately. Zyre and his youngest sister live with their father, while his eldest brother lives with their mother. Every 2 weeks they visit Neira for a 3-day family gathering, after which they return home. One afternoon, however, Zyre was separated from his father after curiously approaching a mysterious glowing light within a blizzard they were trapped in on their trip. He later finds himself saved by a Mochian mage who found him lying on the snow unconscious that day. The mage eventually trains him how to fend for himself after discovering that he got separated from his family and that he was trying to find them.

Many years later, the mage said his farewells to Zyre as he had to return to the Moche for something very important. Zyre eventually manages to find his way back to Azurus, but unfortunately for him, his father and his sister were nowhere to be found. He quickly rushed to his mother's home in Neira, also finding out that they were gone as well. About to lose all hope, he was suddenly reminded of Dojo Duels which he heard from the townspeople of a Neiran village. After much hesitation, he makes the decision to join it, in hopes of finding his family and finally reuniting with them.

While on his way westwards toward the Dojo, Zyre spotted a familiar glowing light buried in the snow. After much hesitation, he approached and inspected it. The glowing object appeared to be an Icy Sapphire Cierite, and was immediately reminded about the Mochian mage telling him to keep one in case he traversed the deserts in the west. Zyre kept it with him, hiding it in his pouch and continued his journey over to west Cier.

Character Information:
Bio Data : Name: Aenon "Zyre" Hydrus
Age: 14
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Nationality: Azurean (paternal) & Neiran (maternal)
Origin: Azurus
Physical Info : Build: Slim
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Distinguishing Features:
- Blue eyes that glow whenever he uses his abilities
- Distinct mark on his neck that resembles a slash wound
- Silver hair with streaks dyed an azure blue color
Others : Appearance:
Zyre’s casual outfit consists of a black undershirt worn under a light blue zipped shirt, dark gray cargo pants, and a pair of white sneakers. He also has an alternative outfit where he wears a kimono.
- His signature sash (white), a belt with a pouch to store supplies, and a pair of arm warmers.

- Open areas, water/ice, kind-hearted people, learning new things, having fun
- Deserts, enclosed spaces, fire, aggressive people, the act of killing

Character Demo:
Comic Demo:

Water Manipulation:

Ice Manipulation:
- "It's locked! It won't budge!" -

Note: The Comic Demo reference sheet for his Ice Manipulation power will be revealed once it is unlocked! Also, I do have plans for an animated demo, but I'll stick to comics for now until I get a proper laptop. ^-^

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 1 loss

Duel History:
4 way Duel


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Reason: Accept Duelist~
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its totally fine if youre going to use sketchbooks instead of digital art, people have done it before

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Duel Mod
I'm actually not so sure if I should wait 'til I could buy a drawing tablet... or I should take a screenshot of my sketchbook page that contains the drawings. Because, um, I don't know how big 500x200 pixels would be for a 9"x12" notebook. :/

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^ you can always take the pic, and then crop/resize it to match ... 500x200p has almost the same ratio as 11"x4" ... you can try that out~

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Duel Mod
@Sareth @AbsoulHero
Tagging you guys here so you could review it. I'm still working on the demo atm, but I'm waiting for feedback if my Duelist is good enough or over/underpowered... Thanks.

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Global Mod
@D4rkRailgunr I think you have a very cool Duelist here! I think one of the only problems I had with this was your "Thunderbird Cry" ability where you didn't really specify any weakness whatsoever to it D:
And considering everything it can do, even under your Strengths, it was simply too over-powered ; w ;
Sorry man, you'll have to nerf it down a lot! And we never allow anything at the speed of light, not even close or half of that speed would be allowed! The fastest things we've allowed were something traveling at the speed of Mach 1 or 2, and that's about it, it's to prevent people from abusing it.

Anyway, tone that down, get your demo and banner image up, and I believe you should then be good to go man! :)
Ping us again when you are ready or send us a PM! See you until then man!~


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Duel Mod
Updated my application a little bit! :D
// Some of the changes were...
- Strengths (added a few details such as counters, etc.)
- Weaknesses (also added a few details)
- Power: Thunderbird's Cry (added weaknesses for it, though I already stated those in the Weaknesses section)

I'm still working on it! School is kind of in the way atm, so I will not be able to get them both up very soon.

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Global Mod
@D4rkRailgunr reviewed it again as requested. Nice fix up! Seems generally good :) I think if you can add one good weaknesses extra, then your Duelist will be all set and balanced x]

Then we need that banner image and demo still! So once you got that all done, let us know again when you are ready !


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Duel Mod
Updated my application again! ^_^
// The following list shows the changes I made...
- Removed Weapon: Railbow 2.0 (I did not like having a futuristic themed to a magical themed duelist, so I had to get rid of it!)
- Added a few locked weapons/abilities, which would be unlocked after a certain amount of duels, etc.
- Added one new weakness, as per Sareth's request
- Changed the Personality a bit

Please read this!
- A lot of school projects and stuff kinda used up some time I had for drawing the demo and the banner, but I AM starting to work on 'em again! Hopefully it should be up by around February to March... or, if not, maybe around summer vacation after the school year has ended (that's around April!).

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@D4rkRailgunr you can drawin banner with mouse tbh, i did it and it came quite fine.

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