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Weapon / Power:
Sharur: This is basically weapon requip. he can summon weapons of two categories:

Light Objects: These weapons have no abbilities or characteristics the can be Spears,guns
,Buster swords,Katanas,Bows and arrows

Divine Objects: These are weapons that have abilities or characteristics
-Bennu: A buster sword that releases flames(alot)
-Skvader: a katana that has the abbility to freeze (even lava)
-Shaka's spear: This spear follows its opponent until it hits them( can only be used once in a battle)
-azreal's blade: This blade can cut souls only(no physical damage)
-Sagittarius's Arrow: a powerful arrow that explodes when it hits its target(can only be used once in a fight)
NOTE: he can use 5 light objects( eg. 2 guns 2 katanas and 1 bow) and 1 divine at a time. Or 2 divine and no light at a time( but it has conditions)

Gods Grace: Angus has a large supply of Unique Ora/Power that is not really suited for blasting, instead he can enhance objects[making them stronger, lighter(float around him, within 5meters), and faster( bullets for fund gun's)] (except the divine objects) and souls[ faster, stronger and lighter. ( when he enhances himself it only lasts 7secs, then he has to wait 3 seconds to enhance himself, but it puts a strain on his body]. In
addition to this he also can see souls[ by doing this he can tell what type of person his fighting and and try to predict his/her moves]
Inner Dimension: he has a dimension inside of himself where a soul called "Vigular" stays( the source of his weapon requip ability....... which is really his), but he cannot drag anyone to this dimension

Vigular mod: This is when Vigular take over Angus. at this stage he has a red Ora which has a huge blasting force(but does not have "gods grace" ability). He also has full mastery of all the weapons in his arsenal(Sharur divine objects).

King of Stars: at this stage he has both the powers of Angus and Vigular, but this only last 10 seconds

- Intelligent
- good at using a knife(Knife Master)

- He can only enhance object within 30 meters around him
- If he wants to use another divine object( if he is using 1) he has to wait 30 second and not use his light object at that time
- Angus and Vigular tend to fight, and when this happens he cannot use any of his abilities
-often gets cocky (letting down his guard or give his opponent the upper hand)
- King of stars is extremely rare due to the fact that Angus and Vigular dont really get along
- Angus has low stamina and endurance(physically "cant really take a punch")
- Shaka's spear and Sagittarius can one be used once in a fight
-Skavader can also freeze Angus after a period of time( 5-10mins)

-Angus is an unstable person and sometime is in collision with himself( eg. when the fight starts his in killing mod but at the end starts thinkng about it, arguing, etc)
-Very determined( if he makes up his mind), calm and very calculated(but doesn't look like it)

Character Bio:
Angus was a miracle child( the elders used rice to save him from a terrible illness)...... but at the age of 17 he became a victim of "The great down fall", but somehow survived when a spirit offered to give him the power to rule the stars. When he agreed he "disappeared/hibernated" and when he awoke he was in this current time line(so he still has to but together the piece of what happen while he was gone).

Animated Demo:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WI1fvu ... e=youtu.be

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Bronze

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 1 loss
Speed Battles: 1 win / 2 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:
Angus (Nike100) VS G-Puncher (Vercreek)
Angus(Nike100) VS ShadedSword(RemyTHG)
[2v2] GreenGuy & Electric Rose VS G-Puncher & Angus
Omega (TheGamingChespin) vs Angus (Nike100)


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1. please make sure you properly used the code from the template, as your align statements didn't work properly.
2. Unstoppable weapons aren't really allowed here in duels, because what if a unstoppable weapon met a unbreakable shield? You're going to need to change that so something less powerful.
3. Is it from 1 to 30 spears, or 1 or 30 spears?
4. Stagnation seems powerful, depending on what exactly it does. If it paralyzes them, then it won't really matter that it can only be used once a opponent. Please be more clear in exactly what it does.
5. Please be more descriptive of both sides of his split personality, so your opponents in dojo duels know exactly who they're animating.
6. No offences, but your demo need a lot more work. for one thing, it needs to be 30 seconds of your character using their powers or fighting, of which there was only 15 seconds. For another thing, the demo didn't clearly display his abilities, as they were used overly quickly. Please take the time to slow down your animation, so it doesn't feel like a million mile a minute roller coaster, and make sure you have 30 seconds plus of FIGHTING animation.
Let me also call in some friends to look it over, in case I missed something. @iiNoName @Sareth @D4rkRailgunr

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in addition to what Naitoshadou said,

"His spears are technically indestructible, and can break through ANY defence "(As so the legend holds)""

okay, let's not be some random legendary mary sue now will we?

"Has no combat skills(Even with his spears)"

then how the hell can he even utilize them at all?

"He can only use his stagnation Technic ONCE ON AN OPPONENT "

that basically makes stagnation useless for all of an entire duel

the grammar in your bio basically almost confused me, and hell, it barely makes any damn sense

"One second his evil the next his Good calm(like a hero)"

that would basically mean his personality would change every second, this creating some trouble for who will animate Angus in a duel

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@Nike100 --- Okay, so I've fixed alignment issue for you. Do not worry about that now, what you'll have to worry about, however, are the problems Naitoshadou and iiNoName have pointed out above. In addition to those, I also happen to have found an issue I'm a lil' bit concerned with:

Nike100 wrote:
After using the Gates of Chaos(either is 1 or 30 spears) he has to wait 2 seconds before using it again

2 seconds is, although a pretty short amount of time, a bit too much, especially if Angus has summoned 30 spears. D: That could mean he can have an insanely large amount of spears any time because he can only use the said "Gates of Chaos" every 2 seconds. Plus I also think 30 spears can also be too much. Maybe tone that amount down to, say, maybe 10 spears if you want to keep the 2-second duration, or increase the duration on how often he could use the Gates of Chaos ability? :D That would be great, thanks!

Aside from this and what the other two had mentioned, just get them all fixed up, then let us moderators know when you're ready for another review! Until then, good luck! :D

[C] Oliver


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also, can you stop stealing background ? thanks alot

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Kenamy wrote:
also, can you stop stealing background ? thanks alot

well...... i kinda dont hav time to make my own ( limited time because of parents) but ill keep tht in mind

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i'm just gonna more or less "expose" your Limited time because of your parents :

the credits says that it's took 2 days, so you are still faster than most of people here (lol)
so you obviously have the time for improving your demo and creating your own background.

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Guys can u please tell me wat i need to fix in the written aspect..... so that i dont make an make a whole demo just to have it declined or misunderstood. so plz

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You'll need to make a demo at least 30 seconds or more than that, remember, intros and outros doesn't count but you can use intros and outros...

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@Nike100 Okay, here's a rundown of issues with your written app:
1. Please explain the limitation more thoroughly. IS it that he can only use 1 divine per battle, or 1 divine at a time?
2. So your "vingular" ability basically seems to keep him from switching, and gets a energy beam instead? I'm confused as to what he loses to gain this ability.
3. For king of stars, it's a bit much. There is seemingly no reason that, when the two are attacked, they don't have a agreement to perform this ability until the two are out of danger. Plus, it seems that he just gains all of his abilities at once, without any drawbacks. This seems like a little much. Please go back and think about how to balance a character.
Overall, this character has a lot of powerful abilities, and most of his weaknesses seem to be internal, and don't seem to limit his abilities that much(except for the divine limit). As for enhancing, we don't even know what he's enhancing, or how the souls he can "see" come into play! This character feels like a number of abilities thrown at a wall with no cohesion to see what sticks. Nike, we've gone over your app already, so I'm going to be a bit blunt here: Think through your character. Is it soul based? Is it a weapon switcher? Is it a aura user? It's fine to have multiple themes, but each theme must make sense as part of a whole, and have a purpose. Please, go back, and think about the basic fighting strategy of your character.
Best of luck!

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