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Weapon : Agenor:
A sword made of the lightest steel and Cierite. This combination made this ancient sword hard to break apart, and because of the lightest steel, this sword is one of the lightest sword ever made. This ancient sword made it possible for Mute to use it while he's speeding/charging. Mute found it on top of one of an Ancient abandoned mountain, made him a lucky person who've found the perfect weapon for him.

Red Sword Tip:
This effect made the cuts caused by this weapon will not trigger the target's pain receptors, meaning they won't feel the pain of the cut. This effect lasts for 5 seconds after the initial cut. This effect can be activated if Mute's in speed. This effect will NOT work on hard material such as sword, steel, rock etc.
Strengths : Fighting experience:
Because he's alone, he has his own time to practice fighting various martial arts.

He is fast, but not so fast, he's fast enough that he can charge to you easily. His speed gives him great flexibility on the battle field.

Close-ranged combat:
Because he was a swordman, a close game was an advantage to him.
Weaknesses : Sword requirement:
Without his sword, he's not that strong. even though he got speed and mastered some fighting techniques, that's not enough for him.

Long-ranged combat:
Because of he's a swordwrath, long-ranged enemy is kinda challenging, he do can deflect bullets but he can only deflect some of them. A repeated attack will cause him in trouble, and he'll have to charge the enemy until close-range combat.

Strong Enemy:
Mute only depends on his speed and sword. However, strong enemies can overpower him and will be a challenging opponents to him.

Mute may looks serious or cold-hearted or maybe evil, but he was actually a good man, an innocent will never die on his hand. And he actually never killed anyone, even though he did, he tried not to.

Character Bio:
Mute was born without knowing anything about his parents, he didn't know how his parents die or where they are. All he knew is that he lived on the Cier Orphanage, living there since he was born, he was called Mute because he can't talk. One day, he felt that it's time to self-reliance, so he left the orphanage when he was 18. During his travel, he was captured and they made him a slave. For 10 years being a slave, he was successfully escaped. He lost his right eye during a slavery fight. He won 115 matches and lost 63 matches, during that match he became stronger than he expected to be.

Animated Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Bronze

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 1 win / 1 loss
Speed Battles: 2 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:
Nightmare(M1ND_B3ND3R) VS Mute(MrRe1gn)
Detatch(ChiefDestiny) vs Mute(MrRe1gn)
Jaxxon(ChickenWL) vs Mute(MrRe1gn)
Noid (JoyStick) vs Mute (MrRe1gn)


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Is it me or does it look like he is covered in feces....

Probably... just me.... xD

Anyways, Nice duelist. ^-^

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lol thanks, and that's a fast reply, I just posted this a minute ago...

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Woh i cant understand his powers :3

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Duel Mod
Okay two things about this application.

1: You don't need to put you username on the title. We know that it is your duelist. Unless that some secret nickname he has.

2: Being a normal human is not a valid weakness. Most of the duelist are human and are expected to have those weaknesses.

Other than that, it looks good.

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Welp, thanks for that!

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Wait, so his sword doesn’t cause any pain?

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well, you don't feel it when you're sliced... but still, you'll feel the pain after that.. Understand?

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@MrRe1gn Okay, let's take a look here. Okay, looking pretty good. Simple, yet fairly elegant. Can you perhaps describe exactly how them not feeling pain from his attacks would give him a combat advantage? Thanks. Otherwise, it looks fine. Let myself or another mod know if you have any questions. Best of luck!

Check out my duelist here: [C]ETA
Current Status: Potentially Dueling

Written Duelist: Azriel, Psychopomp
Information on Written Duels here

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Really Naitshadou? Pain is a crucial element to fighting. There have been plenty of stories of soldiers who had parts that went numb in battle and bled out after getting shot without realizing they were even hurt in those spots. Without pain, if he were to cut off your arm, you literally wouldn't know until you checked visually (although losing sensation would be a hint). And furthermore, unless you had like a mirror or something, you'd never know if he sliced your back gaping wide open.

Knowing how you've been hurt and where from is vital to fighting, and it's pain's job to tell you that.

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