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Name of Weapon: Booster
-Booster is an gauntlet on his right arm that can appear and disappear to his hand. He can make this as his defense.

-When he punches his gauntlet causes explosions.
-The longer he can charge it the bigger explosion

  • Any amount of time - explode like grenade
  • 1 second - a little bigger than grenade .
  • 2 second - explode like a Tnt

-His booster can release fire which allows him to fly, but not too high and for too long.

-He's fast that he can dash
-Smart at fighting, (he will learn what the enemy can do and what their weaknesses and powers are)
-White is good at close fighting
-He is also good at fist fighting
-He also knows taekwondo, so he use his feet more than his fists
-Good at combos

-Bad at sword-fighting
-Don't know how to fight with swordman
-When the enemy is using bow and arrow at long range
-If he charge, then he punch slow ,soo easy to dodge
-His explosion has limited time ,so that he can explode again. (5seconds Cooldown)
-he can't dash while he's charging

Cool, nice person, playful, serious in fighting if the enemy is stronger than him.
helpful, loyal, respectful, Observant in fighting, studying the attacks and powers of the enemy

Character Bio:
So the back story of White is that he have a little brother name MmeJ. When White went to surprise MmeJ with happy birthday he was shocked to find that his little brother was not in his bed. He found a map in his bed, the map showed where he went, so that he can go after his little brother, and every circle in that map has enemies he need to defeat. Now White Duels begins. In the end who kidnap he's little brother is his father.. hes father setup it all. So his father plan to his son is that White needs to get stronger. That's why he's father setup it all just for White gets stronger.. Smart right.

*If your lazy to read that bio, just watch my demo, it tells everything*

Animated Demo:
https://youtu.be/bVWbhqa6iOo (Story)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22YFqSvLwOQ (All fighting)

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Bronze

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 1 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:
White (Jooomm) vs Reed (BlakeAnimating)


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1. Is there a limit to how powerful the punch explosion can be?
2. What exactly is a booster?

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ChickenWL wrote:
1. Is there a limit to how powerful the punch explosion can be?
2. What exactly is a booster?

1. no its not limited it recharge . and the longer it recharge the bigger expolsion,, if it like 1 ssec recharge then its like a normal punch

2. booster is ,, ahh , the name of the weapon

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1. so the explosion can be as powerful as he wants it to be?
2. no i mean like, describe the booster. what does it do? what does it looks like?

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yes the explosion can be powerful : D, but it can cancel , like the userwants to punch but the he wants to get an bigger explosion so he needs patience.
so while hes recharging the enemy can attact him and distract to his charge
But dont wooryy im not gonno charge to hard like the earth is going to explode..
if i charge to hard then ill probably kill my self and my enemy,, then its a Draw

the booster is that on the image that blue thing on his hand

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the booster is where the charge thing comefrom.

without the booster he has no power ,..but its already stick to his hand..

is that wat you mean? @ChickenWL

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ohhhh ok that clears things up

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So. Did I get accepted on my duelist ?

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You need to ping a mod to get your application accepted.

And I know this is a subjective thing, but I would suggest making the gradient on his gauntlet thing more subtle. Right now the gradients are really over the top it just looks kinda weird to look at directly. I would suggest making it a set of solid colors following it's current color scheme.

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@Jooomm Let's see here...
1. An explosion of any power is a bit too much! If he can just charge up and nuke a city, then he's too strong! Going to need to ask you to cap how much his max charge is!
2. Does he have two gauntlets or one? Cause it says he can only attack with the opposite arm while one's charging, but his banner only shows one.
3. He's fast? How fast? Strong? How strong? Smart? How smart? Give us an idea of what he can do, not just vague terms.
4. So his only weaknesses are swordsmen, and archers. These are really very niche, and doesn't provide a well fleshed out character. Please add more general and relevant weaknesses.
5. You're demos just a bit too short! We need 30+ seconds of animation, cutting out credits and stalling, but you were just about 3 seconds or so short. Could you make your demo just a little longer? Thanks.
Other than that, you need a bit of grammar work. Ping myself or another mod when you're ready for another review. Best of luck!

Check out my duelist here: [C]ETA
Current Status: Potentially Dueling

Written Duelist: Azriel, Psychopomp
Information on Written Duels here

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