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Weapon / Power:
Travels around with a metal staff that contains of 4 buttons and one recharge button.
3 buttons on the bottom of the staff and one on the top. Then there's the recharge button on the head of the staff.
when TG activated an ability, he can no longer use that ability throughout that entire fight. He was to wait until the next duel in order to use his ability's again.

increases TG's power immensely, but decreases his speed. this is a very powerful power that dulls down his speed and instincts and reflexes. Also it allows him to shoot out pure energy from every part of his body. when activated a huge energy blast surrounds him and has enough force to push back anyone and anything under 1001 kg.

TG's speed increases to the point that he could run on water for a few seconds. this increases his speed by a ridiculous amount, but sacrifices his strength and defends. Meaning that he does less damage and can take less hits. When activated, TG transform unto pure lightning for an extremely short split second, but is enough time to avoid a fatal blow or maybe to get close to an enemy.

TG can throw his staff and then teleport directly to it. he can also teleport his staff to him. he is only able to use this ability if he activates it.
when actvated he his also unable to activate any other power. this applies to all the other buttons. TG is able to teleport 4 times during one battle. when TG activates this power he becomes one with the staff allowing him to teleport to the staff or have the staff teleport to him. if he gets creative he may be able to create some sick combos, yo!

BLACK: ---
Not even TG knows what this button does. The only thing he remembers is that his creator/father told him never to use it until he was on the brink of death. TG suspect that he is lying, but stays on the safe side...just in case.

TG metal staff is pretty much what makes him dangerous. Although he is skilled with martial arts, so if he were to lose his staff in a combat fight he would not be greatly inferior to the enemy.

his weakness depends on what power he activates. when ''the wrath'' is activated, he is weak towards fast paced enemies and extremely weak towards fast paced, long ranged enemies. when the blink is activated he is weak toward strong and beefy enemies that can take hits, deal damage and has a high defends. when vanish is activated, TG becomes standard TG....but you know...he can now teleport. so it really depends on the strength of the enemy. standard TG.108 ( TG with no powers activated ) is very weak towards long ranged foes and weapon wielding foes, due to their advantages.

cocky, paranoid, humorous, despicable

Character Bio:
TG was created by a hidden company called ''the TG company''. It is an undercover weapon creating corporation that creates weapons for soldiers and war. This is where a doctor named Thillbin Gordyn created the ''TG project''. One day he received a letter from the military. The letter said that the wanted to make an offer. They wanted him to created an ultimate weapon for the purpose of war. They wanted to stop the rampaging robot Yupia from completing project ''Erase humanity''. in return they would give him a lifelong amount of money and a lot of ''Rice''. Thillbin Gordyn accepted the offer and started with the TG project immediately. First he created a weapon, then he created 3 rooms that the TG projects had to go though in order to become the ultimate weapon they wanted. he made up to 107 TG's. then he created TG.108. He wanted to make something different with nr 108. he gave him life. He gave human instincts, human organs, human mind and a human body. the other TG's were made various energy sours's and mechanical parts. they were just walking computer-killing-machines that took orders from anyone authorized to.
TG.108 was special. he had a mind of his own. if he didn't want to do something then he simply didn't do it. And unfortunately TG.108 didnt like the idea of being control only for the purpose of war. TG.108 failed the trails on purpose, and escaped ''the TG company'' that lies in Aether 2.0. Thillbin had no choice but to chase after TG.108. because after the other 107 subjects he only had enough resources to create one more TG. and that last one is TG.108. Thillbin wont stop until he gets him back. The military is also after him now, thinking that TG.108 is the ultimate weapon. Now TG.108 hides in the mountains and valleys hoping to find a place he can call home. a place where he can live like any other human.

Animated Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Silver

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 1 win / 1 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:
TG.108 (Afrotique) VS Fry (Hamen)
Dojo Duels Tournament 2017


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Hes OUT YUS More gud stuff from afrotiques whoop

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the legend is born, hot daaaaaamn!


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I love that he can Teleport with the staff, Super awesome character!

to meme is to dream

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Those teleport combos sound super fun! Can't wait to see them! If it's anything like Garo, it's going to be swet!

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hey hey this guy is looking shmexy man good luck :D

Gomu Gomu No Rasengan!

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