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Weapon / Power:
Weapon : Karambit
Power : Silat martial arts (freestyle) and Possessed mode (with singmbaurekso)

For hand to hand, Shura attacka very fast
and with a very small kerambit weapons, close range attack is most deadly
overall good in close combat

Very difficult against any long range attacks,
because Shura must be near his opponent to attack

Calm, Introvert, Withdrawn, Tsundere and Friendly

Character Bio:
Shura lived in Soko Village, precisely on the slopes semeru mountain
he lived with Guru Danuja (sensei).
Being a villagers at day and an assassin in the night to protect the village from a bandit (bad guy)
they must hide their identity.
This is an oath if it be a Silat warrior
protect himself, keeping the person you dear close, and protect people who are weak

but one day . .
Shura was imprisoned in Semeru mountain 5 years to inherit last science.

5 years has passed
Shura come back to village
and Guru Danuja is dead, he was killed by a group of bandits
until now did not know where they live

Revenge will not change anything
he recalled the last words of his teacher
"Silat must everlasting from generation to generation "
and Shura merantau go to village to village to teach and spread teachings silat
because Shura is the last apprentice.

Animated Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 1 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:
Dojo Duels Tournament 2017


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║ 0 ║║ 0 ║

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Reason: Update statistics
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Ohey its a shura.
It seems to me that your picture is broken.
But overall a nice duelist..
Looking forward to the future of shura.

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Calm, introvert. So u decided to re-portray him. Watching BSE was "enthusiasm" and "willing to fight"

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Global Mod
Awesome Duelist man! Welcome to the Roster! Hope you don't mind but I proofread your application for you a bit, if there is anything you don't like, just let us know! Happy Dueling ~


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@stracked : i see i see, but i think that pict is fix now :'')
@C3whiterose : ahaha yes,.. bcz since the time of bse, Shura had still not fixed in personality
but i think now onwards is fix.. i'm making comic for Shura btw ^^
@sareth : woaah in my comp can be seen,... but
i'm try fix now
u can see?? >w<)a

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woah man! that's one badass duelist over there *O* good luck dueling!


Living in the void

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dracko wrote:
Calm, Introvert, Withdrawn, Tsundere and Friendly

Dracko: It's not like I want to kill you......BAKA


^we making contests and collabs yo^

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lovin' your animating style m8! I might duel you soon, sooooon...
btw nice rhg- erm i mean duelist~

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well it looks like this guy is going to be a great duelist then he was at RHG (even though he hasn't have that much fight in the RHG world XD ) :3 anyways good luck man :)

Gomu Gomu No Rasengan!

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This is really nice... He have new more powers and shoot many enemies ! :)

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