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Weapon / Power:
Powers: Spirit Energy: Using spirit energy of his body Zen can augment his strength, speed and durability on his own to an extent. Carnate being the darker but a physical embodiment of his powers holds a much higher supply of spirit energy.
Techniques: Ways of Carnate : Through Carnates knowledge in the ways of using Spirit energy, Zen can tab into deeper reservoirs of spirit energy to manipulate in ways he cannot before.

Ways of Carnate Techniques:

  • Spirit Link: Sychs Zens power with Carnate. Allows hims to use techniques he could not use without this state of mind.
    Fists of the Mortal Plane: Zen can empower his fists with spirit energy.

  • Imprison: In a burst of speed Zen can grab an opponent and surround them in a pillar of light, trapping them for a short amount of time.

  • Ghost Step: Carnate can leave Zens body, as a way to provide extra defense if an enemy is too fast or catches Zen off guard for whatever reason. Can be
    done in quick bursts and dissipate or for a extended amount of time depending on Carnates mood on the situation.

  • Soul Crusher]: Channeling all his energy into a point Zen can unleash a big burst of spirit energy into his opponent. The energy spills out of the enemy after making contact which as a result, if the opponent has powers of any spiritual relation will suffer a disruption in any spiritual connection.

-Zens has a very unique fighting style. Uses his legs initially to gauge an opponents strength and an act of deception making people think he is cocky in battle.
-Very focused in battle.
-Uses the environment as if it were an extension of his body.
-Utilizes spirit energy to sense movements and intentions of his opponent.
-Has high endurance, with a moderate level of movement speed.
-Well versed in using weapons even though he prefers hand to hand

-At some point, if his opponent is similar to him in any way battle wise, he gets too excited and perhaps bloodthirsty.
-Despite his questionable state of mind in battle, he will not kill an opponent unless they are evil incarnate and has no other choice. The worse he will do is fight them
until they are unable too.
-He hates indirect fighters or ones that uses cheap tricks. (long range fighters) At some point he will lose his cool and attack recklessly but relentlessly.
-If Zen does not use spirit link the best he can do using spirit energy is sensing others, and empowering his body with energy.
-If Carnate uses Ghost step, Zen falls to his knees, with a lot of difficulty in movement, slowly slipping away from consciousness until Carnate returns to his body.
-Even with spirit link, with the exception of Fist of the Mortal Plane, he can only use certain techniques like Imprison for short amount of time.
-Against others with a certain spiritual presence or energy he becomes more hostile.

Cool headed, somewhat social and loves to fight. When he sees someone in trouble he is the first to step up. Has manners but has no problem speaking his mind to anyone regardless of whatever authority they may have ( So not the best in diplomatic relations).

Carnate: Sharing his calm personality, Carnate however is mostly indifferent on many things that do not interest him. He usually talks Zen out of certain risky situations. In desperate times when he possesses his body, he shows no mercy. He belittles his opponents who hold themselves in high regard. Has a sadistic sense of humor

Character Bio:
Zen is not from the land of Cier. He comes from a world where warriors gather to fight in a competition for various reasons, be it for glory, justice, answers to his/her past, Zen wakes up in the area known as Aegis fields, wondering where he his. The next moment he gets a sharp pain in his head, followed by visions of a dark void. In the distance he sees a figure shrouded by light, smiling......almost as if it were a sign of relief. Not knowing what to do Zen calls out to the figure, but receives no reply. He gets into a battle stance to at least get a response. Receives no reply. Without a warning, the figure waves his hand and the void turns into various other areas of life flashing before Zen. One moment its a land of grass, then air, then fire, then ice. Its all to much to take in, the next second Zen comes to, the figure appears before him. The following words are heard:

I'm glad you are hear. This lands sins....it is to great to handle alone. Please....lend us your strength.

Animated Demo:
First Demo: http://www.hyunsdojo.com/dojo/3449/

Duelist Statistics:
Rank: Wood

Full Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Short Length Duels: 0 win / 0 loss
Speed Battles: 0 win / 0 loss
Comic Duels: 0 win / 0 loss

Duel History:

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Global Mod
@UnifiedEntity, congrats! Your Duelist got on the Roster :)!
However I don't think the extra bold parts you added under "Ways of Carnate Techniques" was really allowed, I think the only ones is suppose to be the ones that were already there in the original application format, but I stylized it for you in another way! Hope you like it :) If you don't just hit me up in a PM and I'll fix it to anything else you want.

Happy Dueling!


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I love it! Thank you @sareth-waldrouk

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