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Weapon / Power:

  • Dino has no handheld weapons.

  • Super-human Strength - Dino has an overwhelming amount of physical strength, so much so that he can topple entire concrete and steel structures and shatter bones with mere punches, or even just the wind pressure created from the force of his attacks.

  • Bio Mutation - Dino has the ability to mutate various sections of his body in order enhance his abilities. Meaning he could mutate a temporary arm in the place of where he is missing his left arm.

  • Slow Regeneration - Dino can regenerate wounds and heal them over a certain amount of time, although nowhere near as effective back in his ‘prime’, so to say.

  • The Pre-Flex Aura - From a duelist 6 murdered many years ago (D6 VS REGON), Dino has inherited an unnatural ability to sense the directory of attacks before they’re even set into motion and dodge them prematurely. This ability is shown as a white flittering afterimage that lags behind Dino’s movements.


  • Immense Strength - In a one on one, there are few who can simply overpower Dino, given his strength alone.

  • Enhanced Agility - Although this does not mean Dino is fast, while his max running speed in a dead sprint would be about 22 MPH, Dino is extremely nimble in a fight, able to bob and weave and dodge most attacks that come his way. This is enhanced by the Pre-Flex ability.

  • Biological Experience - Dino, although as sadistic as it may sound, has seen the insides of living human bodies over the years so much that he has learned the weakest points and pressure points of the human body. Thus he knows what he must strike to subdue his opponents quickly.


  • Lack of a Limb - Dino is missing his left arm, while the memory of how exactly it was taken is fuzzy, he remembers 6 taking it in some way or another. Despite the details, Dino is missing his left arm and that is major setback in a fight where most of his opponents will have 2 or even more arms.

  • Slow Regeneration - Dino, while he can heal at a gradual pace, cannot regenerate anywhere near like how he used to, making his wounds in battle all the more effective.

  • Low Stamina - Dino can be easily winded due to his permanent injuries.

  • Limited to Human Biology - While Dino is quite knowledgeable in human weakness points, it’s only human biology and weaknesses he’s experienced with, meaning opponents that aren’t human with different body types will be difficult to pin down.

  • 6’s Parting Gift - Like Dino’s arm, there is a massive wound in Dino’s torso that is continuously left fresh and vulnerable by a constant Bio churning that was one of 6’s last bio mutations to Dino’s body, this leaves Dino extremely vulnerable to damage and extremely limits his stamina. Any mutations on the spots of these wounds also open up the wound and make Dino suffer heavy bleeding.

  • The Countdown - Dino is dying. Every time he uses one of his abilities or undergoes too much stress, Dino’s biology begins to accelerate a mutation that 6 imprinted into Dino that is gradually transforming his body into.. something. (The strain of this gradual mutation is also accelerating his aged features.)

    While Dino doesn’t know what exactly it is what was 6’s plan, he understands that he is dying and is doing his best to refrain from mutating any part of his body during battles to slow the process.

  • Note - The Countdown goes from 100% —> 0%.


  • Dino, both from the effects of the Pre-Flex Aura and his own experiences, is an extremely dull individual. He is usually a stern calm. Usually, during a fight, Dino retains this calm outlook, but while in a tense or serious battle he releases much of his pent up aggression and frustrations onto his opponents. This aggression usually is directed towards duelists, due to his immense despise for them.

  • Being an alcoholic, Dino even attempts to drink his sorrows of the past away, but due to his unnatural healing factor his systems are capable of filtering as much alcohol as he is able to drink. Scarred by the influence and violence that was 6, Dino is committed to being better than the beast than he was once bound to, but he will not hesitate to put down anyone that poses a threat to him.

  • Dino sometimes has visions and memories of people and places in which he's never seen nor heard of before. Interestingly enough, Dino can recall these strangers' names, but as to their purposes in his memories, Dino doesn't know, nor does he have the time to care.

Character Bio:

What Dino knows : 
6 is gone.

As to how exactly, I can't remember. I just remember the beast, with 6 standing there, staring, yearning to rid of me once and for all.

The Son, god knows where that horrid thing is. Last time I saw it was when 6 finished it off. Right before..

I don't know, it all happened so fast. The Son took me, I woke up, the mountains were the sky, the sky an ocean, the facility was destroyed, and the beast was gone. And 6 with it.

Hm? Oh who was 6? As if I knew.

<Begin Log - ██-██-████>

<Subject 232 was finally recovered from the ████████, 3 MRCI units were lost due to radiation poisoning of the area. 232 was transported via helicopter carry to Highgate East Gate.>

<From there, ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████.>

<Subject 232 is officially contained, reports show that subject was unaffected by radiation and in fact regenerated fully after affects. Resilience stamped 232 as a TL 4, relocating subject to ████████████████.>

<Subject relocated, reports show that Aether 2.0 ████████████████████████. Said studies revealed that subject ██ is ██████████████.>

<Subject 232 has made several requests for therapy from Dr. ████████ after █ appointments. Request approved by CI 2.>

<End log - ██-██-████>

Comic Demo:

Duelist Statistics:

D6 (Dino and 6)


Weapon / Power:

Weapons -

At the moment he has shape-shifting items - swords, claws, etc, it's a matter of what exactly is happening in that moment of time. (So, for example, a shield to block an attack, or a sword that would inflict major damage, or perhaps a grappling hook to reach a previously unreachable area, it's up to the animator.)

Powers -

Mass-Based Biological Mutation - Due to 6's unnatural and gene-bending properties, both it and Dino himself have the power to shape-shift and transform his (his as in Dino's, since he's the host) body to their will to make it do as either of them wish. They do not have a single reliable weapon, but it is up to them to what is proper for the task at hand, depending on how much mass D6 has. So, if they have endured too many wounds, some weapons they may have been able to form before will either not be able to do so now or will formed at a smaller size. (This ability is to encourage creative thinking from the animator who is animating this character, whatever the case may be. I thought it would be interesting to see what people would come up with during combat.)

Advanced Regeneration - 6's capabilities also include a greater healing factor than that of the normal human being, with the rate of regeneration depending on the wound inflicted. Decapitation, being cut in two, limb severing, or something along the lines of that would be take a far longer to time to either reattach or grow back compared to the average cut. This ability can also be used to help restore mass for transformations.

6 Itself - Although being more of an individual rather than simply a power to Dino, 6 is the granter of these capabilities and is technically a 2nd form that Dino can conciously allow control to his body at will. However, concious body switching is limited for about 15 seconds before 6 has to return to the mind. Sometimes, on occasion, when Dino is defeated, 6 will take over in a beserk, instinctive yet subconcious rage, doing whatever neccessary to eliminate the enemy by ANY means. 6 is a ferocious opponent, and is hyper adaptive through it's animal-like combat, mutative enhancements, and savage behavior.

Mind Swapping - Mind swapping is a technique that Dino has discovered over several transformations from himself into 6, and has begun to develop this new strategy to where he is capable of switching 6 out to fight for a couple of moments, over even have just certain limbs hand control over to 6 so that it may control them for a small period of time. The time limit of these swaps vary from the amount 6 is having to control, and can span from full body control being only 10 - 15 seconds, to only simple limbs being 20 - 30 seconds.



-Dino has trained for several months, developing an improvised boxing/Muay Thai fighting style - although in his very early stages, he's still a decent fighter. He has also been training with 6 on how to properly incorporate his new mutative abilities.
-Dino is a good observer and learner, and has always been good at reading body language to sometimes predict what someone is going to do next.


-6, due to it being the controller of the two's unnatural biological properties, has immensely better control over it's capabilities and knows has to distribute mass throughout different areas of the body, allowing it to form more complex weapons and shapes where-as Dino would not have the skill to do so.
-6 has advanced combat techniques, capable to keep up with more complex fighters far better than Dino.
-6, as Dino fights, 6 can view through Dino's field of vision to see everything that is happening from he's eyes, meaning that when it converts to take over, it can sometimes come into the fight prepared for what the foe might dish out.
-If 6 converts via means of Dino being defeated, there's a likely chance that 6 will be immune to what had defeated Dino beforehand.


Dino -

-Dino, as mentioned before, isn't the most experienced fighter, and is still very new to the concept of his abilities.
-Dino's emotions are one of his biggest weaknesses. After the traumatizing experience with the death of his mother, he has always been reluctant to kill, which offers major openings to when he freezes up for his enemies to attack. He also isn't a big fan of gore either, and will lose his focus if he sees something to.. vivid, so to say.
-6 is always conscious, and can talk to Dino at anytime, whether it to be to help or mess him up, it's usually more of the latter than anything. That said, 6 has the capability to cancel Dino's control over the mutations completely, leaving him open to attacks if the two have gotten on one another's nerves somehow. This happens often, in fact, meaning that combat for the two can be extremely stressful and sometimes confusing.
-Dino is a bit weak-knees around the ladies.

6 -

-6 is stubborn, and can sometimes be arrogant - meaning that it will underestimate the opponent from time to time, despite it being able to see what the foe is capable of, due to 6 having much pride in itself. Which often can lead to 6 becoming needlessly wounded in combat sometimes.
-6 and Dino's morals are completely different, with Dino hating to kill, fighting for fun and practice, and 6 pretty much enjoying it at any chance it gets - meaning that sometimes Dino, while within the subconscious, will do everything in his power to prevent 6 from killing anyone, which usually leads into him being a great distraction for 6 as it attempts to concentrate on the fight, which gives the foe a great chance to dealing a duel-shifting blow against it.

Extra -

-Despite being technically unkillable, D6 can definitely be subdued, which counts as victory as well since the foe doesn't know that they'll come back, but it will just take a LONG time.
-D6's mutations are completely mass based, meaning that, for example, cutting off an arm will lessen the size of a transformation or shorten the amount of time it may stay transformed.
-Although the two have developed the new strategy of mind swapping, like mentioned before this move is very new, and 6 can only stay out for around 15 seconds before Dino returns and a cooldown of 5 minutes ensues.


Dino -

-Dino is a very mellow, laid back kind of individual, and has come to enjoy the heat of battle, and enjoys training and fighting with others; although, in the right situation, he knows how to get serious. He will never kill, no matter the circumstances. He also tends to get uncomfortable and awkward around women; he's not all that social, but is friendly to those who are promisingly nice.

6 -

--6's personality is merciless, ruthless, and absolutely savage. It holds no sympathy for anyone it kills and holds great pleasure in doing so. However, due to it's savage behavior, it can also be stubborn and arrogant against foes, and will even insult them when it feels like it. Also, interesting enough, the creature seems to enjoy dancing, instinctively taking a beat if it is approached with music.

Character Bio:


The beast stood before the cradle, it's body ever-moving, ever-changing, plates of carapace and spines of bone shifting among it's bulky frame as it stared down upon the sleeping child in the dark of the night. It's dark red beads of eyes narrowed, slick teeth seeping transparent saliva as it raised a large, boney, claw of an index to slice cleanly through it's chest, which contrasted the rest of it's morphing body with a sleek tan underbelly that now stained crimson from a fresh flow of red blood that ran down from the fresh wound that went from it's chest to it's mid-torso. The beast reached inside this wound with the same finger as before and caught itself fresh blood upon the claw, that in which it pulled out and held over the left eye of the infant.


The thing held the blood over the child, and waited, the blood now beginning to squirm to life as it then loosened it's grip from the claw, beginning to drip and drop from down and plaster onto the face of the infant, who now began to wail and bawl over the fact that the crimson substance was now seeping into the left eye as it was assigned by the beast. Silently, the creature waited, it's body steadily changing as it watched the process in action, soon, the boy's eye had changed, with the center pupil becoming a narrow red slit, the same color as the beast's two red eyes. For a few moments, there was nothing but the sound of the child's wailing, but then - frantic footsteps - the mother was coming. Sternly, the beast let off an exhale of hot air as it made it's exit, through the window in which it had entered. Soon, the large reptilian beast was gone, leaving the mother to enter only moments later to rush over and tend to her crying child, and also for her to notice the strange color her boy's eye had taken on, and the torn up window that had once been pretty with well colored curtains and clean window glass...

Dino was granted his mutative powers when he was a small infant by an unidentified creature, that in which was never to be seen again afterwards. For the first few years of Dino's life, everything was normal - he lived with his loving mother in HighGate Landing. For the first 16 years of Dino's life, there were no strange occurrences, his mother worked a steady job of selling goods for rice and profit, which was just enough to live within a small rented house she had gotten when Dino was just a small boy.

Anytime Dino asked his mother as to why they had chosen to move here, she would always find some way to avoid the subject, and Dino never questioned further.

But then, several days from Dino's 17th birthday, Dino became ill, extremely ill. Sick to the point in which his mother had to bring him to the local doctor that resided within HighGate Landing. Once there, Dino's conditions and symptoms were recorded - everything was taken into account. But even then, at that point, it was obvious the doctor had no idea what was happening the Dino. The expression Dino caught on his mother's face showed that this seriously struck her in some way. It was almost as though she knew about it. But, before Dino could have questioned his mother on the subject, him and her were then on their way home, where in which the mother then let Dino get some rest. Dino had still planned to ask her about the sickness, but he would then find himself falling into a deep sleep before he could even say anything. The last thing he remembered, was his mother leaving the room, a saddened look upon her face as she gave her snoozing son as good last look, almost as though they'd never see each other again..

Blood.. That was all he could see. It was terrifying, a nightmare. It had to be. Everything was crimson red, with the gruesome sounds of ripping flesh and breaking bones erupting within his ears. It was suffocating, deafening, disgusting alongside the horrid aroma of gore that filled his nostrils. He felt as though he were moving, yet asleep at the same time. Awake, but dead inside. He was cold, confused, and horrified at what was happening.

It must have been a dream, it had to be..

That's what he wanted to think - it's what he wanted to believe - that all of this would be over when he woke up.

But when he actually did wake up, he wished had never been able to open his eyes.

The first sensation that struck him was the sensation of pain, pain all over, but mostly in his hands. He looked down at them, or what was supposed to be them. What he actually saw were dark red, savage looking claws, ones whose color intertwined among that of the crimson fluid that drenched the morphing and churning surface of these.. bio-claws. He examined the rest of him, seeing how his body was like that of a parched desert surface, full of crevices and cracks that made up and separated segmented chunks of hide and carapace that made up his skin and flesh. Soon, all of this retracted into himself, seeping into his flesh, vanishing like as though nothing had ever happened. Truly, he had become some sort of.. monster.

Dino looked away from his blood-soaked hands now, witnessing upon the gut-wrenching sight that was the source of all the blood - his mother. She was dying, suffering - her body contorted among severed limbs and missing flesh, blood slowly pooling around her as she gave off wretched dying breaths, her crystal blue eyes filled with incomprehensible emotions. She eyed her son, seeing how he had returned to normal. Weakly, she gave a weak, heartfelt and loving smile. She knew this would happen, and by doing so, she lifted her functional right arm and lifted it to a desk that stood on the opposite side of the room of Dino and her. She gave her last breath doing this.

Dino, eyes stinging and filled with tears, knelt for several moments and mourned the lost of his own mother, crying and weeping the fact that he had just lost the only person in his life that he truly cared for. But, not to let her name go to vain, and to try and calm down, Dino got up, and went over to the desk in which his mother had died to get him to go to.

Upon this desk, a journal. He opened it, reading into it to discover how his mother had known about his condition, that something was wrong. How for every year, annually, around his birthday, Dino would convert into what his mother had dubbed as '6'.


Dino jumped, startled, and looked around, it was obvious no one was in the room, "..Who was that?"


"..So you were the one who-"


It was upon this day that Dino fled, wanted for murder that they both did, and didn't do at the same time. He was confused, and scared, never before had he experienced anything like this. His entire world had changed, and he was out to find for himself. Quickly, bounties spread, a mad murderer was on the loose, the news spreading insanely fast due to the first bounties originating from the busiest place in all of Cier, HighGate. And so, Dino was on the run, having taken the journal his mother had made with him to learn more about his new counterpart. Here, he learned about rumors of a so called 'Beast' that his mother had barely witnessed fled from Dino's infancy room on that fateful night.

Determined to find out why all of this ever happened, Dino travels from town to town, under faulty names and disguises, in hopes of finding any rumors he can on the 'Beast of Shifting Hide'..

Animated Demo:

Duelist Statistics:
 ! Sareth wrote:
They are the same as the current Duelist because they are the same character still, the user just requested to keep this old version of the character in a spoiler


║ 0 ║║ 2 ║║ 0 ║║ 1 ║║ 0 ║║ 2 ║


║ 0 ║║ 0 ║║ 0 ║║ 0 ║║ 0 ║║ 0 ║


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Hype Hype Hype! Good work man! All of the powers and story are "fleshed out" and I am sure there is much more to come. Your animation work is great for a budding animator and I hope to see you kicking some rear out there! (Not sorry for the pun though)

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Global Mod
@Mr_dinodude, congrats! Your Duelist has been accepted! ^_^ I did some small minor cleaning up on your app, I hope that's fine! If you see anything you don't like then just let me know okay? I just made it a tiny bit more accessible by adding bulletin lists on some areas and a little proofreading on others so that it's easier to read through for other Duelists!
Great Duelist too by the way, love the body mass and morphing powers :) Happy Dueling~


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Dino looks amazing! Love the detail you put into the Strengths and Weaknesses. Shape shifters are great~ <3

Good luck in Dojo Duels!


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@Sareth Thanks dude! You're the best! OuO

@ReinaO3O I'm glad you like him, it took me awhile to figure out how to level him out considering his mutative abilities! :)

Faith is not to believe when hope arises, but rather Faith is to believe despite the world lacking hope.

D6 : Duelist

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Reminds me of... [Try to get the name of that purple reptilian guy] Errr.... Can't remember...

That moment,
When there is spoiler text for no reason...

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Good job on the animation friend! Love the facial expression and the transformation! You keep up the good work, stay awesome, wonderful and have fun dueling!

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Love your duelist man cant wait to see him in action

.:Social Anarchy:.

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EnderStep wrote:
Reminds me of... [Try to get the name of that purple reptilian guy] Errr.... Can't remember...

Naberius is who you're thinking of. And yeah I totally agree

Currently too busy for duels

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Nice duelist and great bio

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