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M-Momma? A cry is heard as a fire is set ablaze as an unknown entity approaches the small village of Reirentri. Phones, satellites all sorts of communication is used to call Ex-Gladiators for help as this enemy of the village begins terrorizing And murmuring everything, and everyone in his/her sight. Alloy comes form the shadows and attempts to fight back antake the so precious RICE from the villain, caring less about the people’s safety and more of his own selfish desires. On,y 1 Clan ha been known for helping in Crisis and fighting the Enemies of the world...Nemesis... as fire ablaze and villages burn...we have only one hope...Nemesis...he very name meaning Whatever your feel it is...a nemesis to enemies...your nemesis...a nemesis of your self..a personality...a being...a clan... a symbol...or just....a name...
As allow confirmed that the attacker is a duelist, the people begin to get ready to escape. Gathering household items and possessions and family. The Duelists takes out alloy but doenst kill him. A boy...age 10...is inside looking as he holds his Nemesis coin...hoping...believing they will show and save them...save the village. As walls break down and the duelist murders the boys father grabs his hammer and goes to fight the Duelist to protect his family. The young bow watches as his father his gunned down by the duelist. The duelist shoots his gun while singing a new ‘dot’ per kill...”one dot. Two dot. Red dot. Blue dot.” He runs through murduring everyone...he comes to the boys house. He used explosives to destroy the house. The young boy is strong and tries to hold up the walls. But alas, he isn’t strong enough, teh building collapses and kills everyone. Taking part of the boys life with him. As everything he knew...everything he believed was shattered. He then let go fo his nemesis coin in tears...And it was his turn to go with his family as the duelist reloaded is gun. Nemesis wouldn’t let anymore deaths happen. troops and planes unload form the sky, alongside Nanix and Umbrella. And following was Gyro.
They were able to fight off the duelist and force him to retreat. As the boy sat in a puddle of blood...the blood of everything he loved...



An attack by a duelist left a small village destroyed. A man, a young boy, and an old lady survived. We have stimated 2,000+ deaths, but only 1,689 are confirmed.
The boys family is within that 1,689 dead. We tried to help Him but he refused and ran off into the woods. We sent a search party but he wasn’t found.
All we know about him is he lived in this village since he was born. Other then that he s pretty unknown to us

3MO before Xenost Enters Cier


I came across a boy with the same backstory as the one who’s family was killed in the duelist attack 7 years after the attack. But his hand is glowing light blue. He’s also carrying a massive blade. Bigger then him. I approached the boy slowly and asked him about if he was the boy from 7 years ago. he replied with “your umbrella arn’t you? Nemesis co leader. What do you want?”


Umbrella came in with some snotty kid. Maybe an adult. Dunno. No one knows why. He’s definitely not umbrellas type to train. I mean he can choose anyone right? But why this guy?


Reporting in that some guy with a massive blade just snuck out of the Base. Permission to go after him?

Permission denied.

But sir!

Let him be.

Umbrella and Jade’s chat:

Jade: I found your ‘son’.
Umbrella: he’s not my son
Umbrella: He is beginning to see me as his father tho. Where did you find him
Jade: Sitting out in a plain field looking out into the sky of stars and the moon.
Umbrella: ...
Jade: he looked as if depressed.
End of chat


That new guy Xenost said some pretty crazy stuff.. we were heading to a spot where a duelist had attacked wen the conversation started with a solider saying how he couldn’t WAIT kill some of those new duelist people
Xenosts reply was...wow

“Those who kill must be prepared to be killed”

Everyone was silent for the rest of the ride to the attack

Umbrella and Xenosts chat:
Umbrella: I see your still figuring stuff out...who you are. Why your here.
Umbrella: And sometimes you just need to fight to figure these things out. Only in the battlefield do you realize who you really are.
Xenosts: Like with Alfa?
Umbrella: Yes...I awoke as myself that day. My name. My family. The division. All of it returned.
Xenost: Rhg battles are the way of the past.
Umbrella: Cier
Xenost: ?
Chat paused

Cier. The land apart from the old world. Apart from the Gladiators world. The land of the Duelists. Cier.

Chat resumed
Umbrella: You’ll become a duelist. Fighting in Cier. Recently we’ve seen Yupia, Bog and Red Blade head over. You already know FoxnQ left us for Cier.
Xenost: *Looks At the moon* Cier...

Present Time Reached
End of Files

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