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I mean like, people who are your driving force, the ones that help you get on with it when you feel like stopping. Not people whose work you just think is great, though the two can overlap.

Maybe it's someone who had a similar journey to yours, but made it out in the end. Maybe it's a parent or sibling you care about who want you to succeed. Hell, maybe a crush you really want to impress, or a fictional character who never brings people down.

If you'd do me a favour (you don't have to), make a physical list of these people and keep it visible somewhere to look at when you're down in the dumps. A list won't heal you, but it'll remind you to never stop fighting. If they're real and available to you, tell them hi and thank them!

Mine are the online friends who look at and support my work no matter how dumb I think it is. Also ViHart.


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Blaze motivates me, he really helped me once upon a time

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"Its a trap" -Derp123

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When I started on Darkdemon back in 2016 this cool cat started me off with some cool exercises and shiz, now he's doing some big things.
Cool beans

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"Those who consider themselves the knowledge of everything, they do not know how small a grain of rice is. Those who are humble upon knowledge gains the knowledge of everything..."

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Beating everybody, Hokage style.

nah but really, my biggest motivation has to be the boundary-pushing animators and artists that think outside the box. I always wanted to be like them.


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X coming back like jesus will motivate me.

"Animation is about creating the illusion of life.
And you can create if you dont have one"
- Brad Bird.

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Anyone who puts up with my drunk art.

In all seriousness, I think the people who motivate me the most are the ones who are always outgoing on life and used the motive to inspire them to go beyond and create something beautiful. It’s always fun to watch someone improve with that spirit.

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Stay Pink my friends.

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