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Im trying to learn how to draw. lol. Unlike animation. It dosnt come so easy.

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Elextricking wrote:
@FelineCanis Bepler has really nice tutorials for all sorts of skillbuilding viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3409 if you have an animator you're trying to build off of it builds good style and uniqueness (kind of because it's not completely your style lol)

Thx man. See guys. This is the response I wanted. That's all.

My duels will not disappoint(probably will):duelist: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=7981
ImageI'm so sorry for whoever reads this.

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Banned User
The only way to get better is to put in the hours. Reading and watching tutorials can only get you so far. Practice the fundamentals and do shit. Looking for absurd amounts of reference and tutorials will only give you more time to goof off and procrastinate. No one is going to help you, they can give you insight and critique on the process of whatever your making, be it a drawing or an animation, but the only person that's gonna get you better is you.

Stop looking for shit and just do shit, it's not that hard just time consuming.

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Civilian wrote:
Im trying to learn how to draw. lol. Unlike animation. It dosnt come so easy.

Oh hell naw mang


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sorry to burst your bubble but probably most people who think they can manage a professional animating career usually dont get one
and thats not only you, this includes me as well.
also what waters said is completely true

i am free from the bonds of kpop

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google as much tuts as you can,
start with theese, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOouzsI ... E5777D03B8
there are many on the forums as well
be nice to everyone, love everyone, don't rape ppl for fun, because its not funny
watch all the one hit wonders, http://www.stickpage.com/stickfights.shtml
when using your VCAM, Hold SHIFT when transforming its size to keep the proportions consistent.
dont sacrifice quality for speed
be consistent
download at least 3 flash versions
delete the idea of the stick character that you have now, and get one that is more cool, easy to relate to, and it must have super speed
try to be original, a 100% isn't required, only 99.999999999
learn to pick sense out of nonsense
give 70% percent of your life up to the internet or flash
read terkoiz's animation taboos viewtopic.php?f=12&t=80
subscribe to Externus, Terkoiz, jomm, endo, fordz, foscex, hyun, nhazul, kiruru, Guz, plasmaghost, camila, qiuk, resh, naval mode, cozen, Yun, terkoiz, alien, xrebilion, ahdo, drone, mx, x-treme, jeff, terkoiz.
because you are going to have/need to constantly comment on their stuff in hopes of ever getting notice by a higher up, or ever getting notice period.
worship your senpai and worship terkoiz, Remember that Terkoiz describes all action. Therefore there are no need for inspiration. Only terkoiz

but wait, there's more,
while doing all of that, you must still practice, post millions of kung fu shorts, with white bgs, you might see the relevance now, but you will.
read up on your history. http://web.archive.org/web/201205040334 ... m/portal2/
get a deviantart account. facebook account, stickpage account, youtube account , newgrounds account, etc. account
and when you finally become intermediate, GET READY! because thats where the real work begins
i really hope you become intermediate, because if you don't, you'll just become the product of a hostile environment, so good look kid

Oops! did i say on "how to get to intermediate FAST?", ..well...sorry, i meant slow. :^) tee hee

DeviantART (⌐■_■)ノ♪] RHG


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What in the hell


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Duel Mod
Dafuq is going on here? ಠ_ʘ

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70% percent to animation and internet aint enough

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InHouse Staff
uhhhhhhHHHH... dont pay attention to marks post, waters seems to be the only one in this entire thread that posted anything that makes sense.

I'll throw some Jomm wisdom your way. Anybody can animate for what ever reason they want to. Your motive can range anywhere from "It's fun" to "I want to become a professional.", however, being frustrated with your skills to the point that you want to improve faster thinking there are shortcuts will only hinder if not stunt your growth completely (in my opinion at least). Don't get me wrong though, being frustrated with your own skills is key to improving, but it's a slow process and you need to be patient. I think people that animate because they find it fun will improve at a faster rate than people who just want to land a job. If you're too stressed with your current position that you aren't good enough then you're just adding layers of unneeded pressure on yourself. If you aren't critical enough then you wont improve. Basically just find your inner peace and go at your own pace yo. #kungfupanda

Some actual tips on improving:
- Always animate with direction
- Try new things constantly
- Pick at one thing you dislike about your animations and work on that specifically till you get it down
- Animating 10 hours straight a day is not as effective as animating 10 hours a day, a couple hours at a time with sufficient breaks in between so you can absorb what you've done and where you can improve as you go.
- Rotoscoping is a helpful tool to learn to some people, just don't post it and call it your own. Don't even post it and call it a rotoscoped practice lol.
- Frame by frame people's animations, see their timing and spacing and how everybody does something differently.

I hate the idea of ranks in animation and skill levels but if we had to use those terms then what differentiates "beginners" from "intermediates" is probably just getting the key fundamentals down.

- easing
- heavy spacing
- weight (this IMO bumps your skill level up the most noticeably)
- squash and stretch
- not makin' yo stuff so wobbly and resizing (yeah this too)

Learn how to animate things smoothly (ones) then you can understand how to cut corners and animate on twos or threes.

Ok this is good enough, enjoy kiddies.

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