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What is your biggest weakness as an animator?
(this thread is for realizing your flaws and working on them)
This is something I have been thinking a lot about recently and I feel like I'm able to pinpoint it to two things.

1. I'm never satisfied- If you watch any of my animations, you would know I change the style in almost every animation I do; this is mostly because I just get bored doing the same thing. Though it can keep the content "interesting" and new, it comes with a lot of disadvantages for me. For example, I have horrible trouble with starting projects. This isn't for the reason why other people have trouble with it, however. I have loads of motivation to animate, it's just when I start a project; I'm using a specific style (line tool, single frame, 2d, etc.) which is fine at first but it begins to work aginst me once I work on the same animation again the day later. When I revisit an animation to keep working on it, it really deters me creatively because I have to animate the same way I was the day before because I just naturally want to try new things but I can't when I'm just working on one animation. This causes me to loose the motivation I had to work on projects (example: Wumboman demo) because I have to bind myself to the style I was working in because it would seem really awkward if the style suddenly shifts and often I get criticized for that.

2. I cannot draw- I have the opposite issue with drawing than in the top problem. When I say, "I cannot draw" I'm referring to human anatomy. I have trouble escaping what I'm used to doing when I draw (I know, a different issue than with animation but it's relevant). I have trouble really imagining what a person looks like from any angle which becomes a huge issue when it comes to animating full body. The shape of the person is never consistent and it looks terrifying if I try doing something like semi-head turn as I just generally don't know how to draw many of my figures from any angle. (this is similar to the issues that Charlie Brown faces when trying to convert the art style to 3D as the characters were only ever drawn from 3 different angles). What sucks the most about my situation is I just don't have the motivation to learn how to draw human anatomy which is a shame considering my belief that if you know how to draw people; the skills can apply over to anything including cartoon characters as they are just simplified versions of that idea. This prevents me from being versatile and prevents me from doing full body that isn't just in between for someone else's keyframes.

(sorry for the odd way this likely reads out, I was just putting my stream of thoughts into the text without reading it.)

Anyways, I encourage you (the reader) to think about what you need to work on; I hope this inspired you to do so. If you thought of anything interesting, please post it; I'm curious on your thoughts.

See ya'!


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I've been wanting to say number 2 to you for a while but i just couldn't bring myself to do that...lol.

1) I'm a reallllyy slow learner. I've noticed this all through out my life, and its frustrating as fuck. For example, my art. I've been drawing since i was 8 or 9, and have been doing it nonstop for so damn long, and I an not satisfied at the level i am currently art, because its waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy below for a 5+ yr artist should be at. My older ister has been drawing for JUST AS LONG AS I HAVE... and she is miles ahead of me. This applies to my animations too. its been about 2 years now, and I have seen fellow dojo mates completely dust me (Spreckops, ihuman12345, muTHERFUCKING ANDREW GODDAMN IT WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD). Its so damn frustrating because i have literally pages of ideas that i have been gathering for a while and that i want to do, but I cant because my skill set is not at the appropriate level. and im making 2-3 animations per day (i just dont post them).
it makes sometimes think: There are three types of artists in this world, the talented, the decent, and the bad. guess which one I fit into.

2) I have no sense of choreography. I cannot get past 2-3 hits without coming to a stop and thinking. now what. this move wont fit, and usually just make the dude push him far away run at him, and do 2-3 hits again and push him back. i dont like this and i want my attacks to go past a 3 hit limit without stopping.

3) I i dont animate for more than 4-5 days, they look shittier than normal.

4) i can draw decently enough on paper (still not at the level i should be at tho) but i can never make a decent body on a tablet. So my fullbody's always look like shit.

Most of these i can get over with hard woek, but #1 will always be stuck with me. I hate that I'll take me a lot longer to get decent at one of the only things i likes.

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I think I have something that I want to call negative rust. My animating is best when I start completely fresh. I consider my very first animation one of my best so far, the clips I done after that in the same week fall below my acceptance. I did two somehow bigger projects (yes, 20 seconds stick animation) that took me 2 - 3 months, the beginnings are really good but towards the end they pretty much look like they're animated by a noob. Like, while animating it I would start doing a punch for example, and then realize I have no idea what I'm doing because I spaced the frames with almost equal distance, completely forgetting about some essential principles.

These are examples of single scenes dragging for long, so I hope the next time I do something with more different scenes so I can jump between them while I work.


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I have quite a few weaknesses in my animation lol.

1) Extremely choppy. My animations are soooo choppy, it's a serious problem of mine which I seriously need to work on. I've been trying to practice my smoothness but I think I've hit a point where there's no return.

2) Inconsistency. I don't think I've ever finished a project completely before. Everything is either rushed or unfinished. I've started about 5 projects and none of them are even half done. This probably relates to my crappy procrastination problem lol.

3) Trying to learn the wrong things. Usually if you've been animating for 6 or 7 months you'd still be working on combos and stuff, right? Nope, I'm trying to work on effects an angles before I've even properly learned 2-D stuff. I've recently been practicing 2-D animation but I'm rarely even making them without an angled animation.

4)I'm shit.

I hope I'll finally improve on these.

you must think you're pretty funny, huh?

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As an Animator my Main Weakness is the ART WORK, when it comes to draw, backgrounds, clothes, forms, whatever, for some reason it turns out very bad almost always, whenever i try to draw something i know what i want to draw but the result is poor and a shame to me
i have focus mainly to improve in my animation but let my art back, when it comes to animation in general im good, but my balance between animation and art is like 90% animation and artwork 10%

2. When im animating i feel like slow as a turtle maybe because i animate with a Touchpad (my mouse is broken)
meanwhile i spent a couple of hours making 8 seconds people maybe will have like the double or even more, that makes me lose motivation and sometimes just abandon the project im making for that reason.

If i spelled something wrong im sorry, im a hispanic guy im still learning english :D

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1. I'm not really sure why that happens, but sometimes I just literally forget how to animate whatsoever.
One day everything I make is amazing in my eyes, the other day I can't even animate a half decent punch.
It's not 'rust' because It could literally be a day after. And the thing is that I really want to animate and I just can't, because of this.
No matter what I make, how simple it is, nothing turns out like I want it to be.

2. No idea how to actually adress this, but most of my animations lack force. For some reason no matter what I do, its literally a 50% chance that a punch/kick/everything I make will have force. I have to animate it a few times after, and sometimes it never turns out right, because of my num1 issue.

3. Inspiration. This is an absurdly huge issue for me. Sometimes I won't animate for literally weeks just because nothing inspired me.
The only thing that can inspire me is other animations, specifically animes. If I haven't watched something epic or something I like lately, i'll lose my drive to animate.
Sometimes I just rewatch scenes I love to inspire me, but I can't do that forever. Those scenes, no matter how epic they are, get boring after rewatching them 30 times.
Now this leads to an even bigger issue:

4. Originality. It's very rare that I can just kick back on my chair, and make something up to animate. If I watched something about robots, i'll want to animate robots. If I watched something about kicks, I'll want to animate kicks. It's literally insane. I can't even recall the last thing I made that was completely original.

5. For some reason I just can't stick with the same thing for a while.
I have 4 RHG's and 2 duelists. Yup. And even now I regret some of my current duelists features.
I can literally not stick with the same thing, EVER.
And it's not just animation, its games or studies as well.
I can't just say i'm gonna main this character when playing Overwatch or LoL, I constantly have to switch up or I just can't play.
This is due to my 3rd issue, by the way, because no matter how satisfied I am with my character, i'm gonna watch some fucking anime which is gonna make me want something else much more.
My current duelist is made in a way so that I can literally do a fuckton of things with him, but even so, I tend to use abillities that my character doesn't really have, just to make the animation less plain. I like to add tons of effect, or have a punch send my opponent flying, even though my duelist is just a rather average human. I think it's fair though. It makes everything more interesting.

6. I can't do backgrounds

7. I tend to write alot

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My biggggggeessstttt downfall is my laziness and just being bad in general.
Those two go hand in hand, because I can't animate something good so I get lazy and work around it, making my animation bad.

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Hnmm, mine would proably go something like this

1. I don't keep consistent quality in a full animation. My quality gets lower and lower because I lose motivation for animating and i just don't "feel" like animating anymore. And because the quality sucks halfway through, I start procrastinating on it because I feel like I will disappoint everyone by ruining a promising concept.
2. My choreography sucks. I watch every single animation posted on Hyun's Dojo's YouTube channel, but still only manages to suck at it. I can also only think of creative a things for kicks, and punching was hard to animate cleanly and smoothly. I can only think of a straight jab and couldn't chain them together like I do with weaponry or kicks.
3. I just suck at animating
4. is Not feeling satisfied with my work, until i use some kind of over-advanced finishing technique, either in animating or is performed by the animation, such as a massive strong punch that shakes the scree, or an over-complicated effect in an effect in another effect to create a new kind of effect.
5. My sense of timing. I have none of these, so my hits seem unnatural and uncoordinated. It's really annoying for me to be able to see these wonderful animators, capturing the perfect moments at when this stick man is hit, or when this action is performed. I try double framing until the timing is right, but since I'm aiming for fast paced animation, this kills the action. And whenever I add more drawing frames, it's just like double framing, only more time and effort consuming.

I think these are my main points personally, but others may think differently. They may say stuff like gravity and such, but like I said, these are my personal, greatest weaknesses.

this is a chicken wing

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lack of variety. when all you do is animate 5 second combos, you lose motivation to do anything else and once you get bored with that, you slowly drift away from animating in general. das me right now lol

Signature THIS.

sank u

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How about we stop saying "I succ hard" and keep it to our personal biggest flaws?


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