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Not an animator, but still relevant as an "artist". I'll be honest, I have lofty, unrealistic goals for myself, especially given how I'm a novice and haven't produced anything. In addition, I'm extremely self-critical, which feeds into my unrealistic expectations, and completely demoralizes me whenever I try to do something, causing me to give up halfway through. But yeah, that's me.

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Yo this is a good topic, i feel like it's gotta be constructive for all these folk to address this stuff :)
lemme join in on this format
1. I don't finish anything ever. i'll have a bunch of inspiration to do something, maybe start a joint with someone or a big scale animation, but give it a week and it'll be done-zo. back to floppin around in all my anims :')
2. yeah fullbody, i mean what can you do

other weaknesses: I love women and living life so i take almost year long breaks all the time since like 2013 (so bad)

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1- I've been animating for like 2 years , and i didn't ever join a collab or finished a project or shared any of my animations or creating a duel list , i just feel like my animation aren't that good to be represented , and i don't get motivations to finish or start some stuff like this, how can i fix that , every time i try to just go for it , at first i'll be like ( Oh comon Let's GO!)
then later.... (this sucks)
(sorry for my bad english)

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My biggest weakness is Impatience Backgrounds and making eyes and mouths move

Animating Since Feb 4 2017

"Its a trap" -Derp123

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My weakness:
walk cycles and run cycles

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1. Resizing: I can't keep my character at it's original size, I just cannot.

2. Inconsistency: I'm bad at finishing projects and my animations can go from good to fucking awful.

3. Combos: I can't animate one good combo if my life depended on it, I'm terrible at choreography.

4. Procrastination: Self explanatory.

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1. Exaggeration: my punches and stuff lack force and anticipation.
2. Combos: I cant exactly do combos as well right now due to how fast combos are.
3. Running cycles: When i do running cycles, i usually have the run cycles choppy, when it could be way smoother.

"Just don't be too rough daddy" - HunterZ
"Danku derpy, big fan on the show with the magic horses" - TheKitsuneGamer
"I don't want mine to be that thicc" - Adri
"The ass is the first one to get up" - also Adri

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1. I have too many ideas, which leads me to leave a lot of animations unfinished.
2. I also procrastinate and when I can't get a feature of an animation done, I just flop and decide not to do it.

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I would say posing and running. Usually those two things are the reason my animations look ‘bad’

oh and, effects. ;(


Written Duelist

I like dead memes. Sorry.

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1. i'm inconsistent with proportions and keeping my character at his/her original size. same goes with limbs and everything. guide lines do not help.
2. i'm not creative at all.
3. i can't do combos FeelsBadMan
4. i don't know why, but i can't really accept my art and animations; no matter how hard i try
5. i can't finish animations for the life of me. which is obviously why I never participate in collabs (also because i'm terrible at animating)
6. i keep getting sidetracked and I keep procrastinating
7. i use pivot because i'm not willing to expand my boundries and make an effort to make myself good at flash
8. i'm afraid that people will push me away because i'm a horrible animator (95% of the time)
9. im bad
9.5 to clarify: i don't put in effort into most of my animations (unless i'm feeling cheerful aka never)
10. i listen to music (rap) that makes me less creative (idk why, i should only listen to rap when I'm not attempting to be productive); the songs that I love and bring out my true "creativity" (even though i'm really not creative) is lo-fi hip hop. makes me more calm and concentrated.
11. i compare myself to many big animators which is something you should never do when animating.
12. i bash myself way too much (which is why I say i'm a terrible animator LOL)
13. innosinn is a big meanie head >:(

and, that is 13 reasons why i am a terrible animator

lol 13 reasons why joke :P


ey. i'm kush. hows your day?
i play games.

I love this community with a passion.

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