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I don't know about everyone else but over the years I've found some useful software that isn't easy to find unless you go looking for it. I'm curious if anyone else has similar software, anything from small convenience features to full applications. Post any you want to share or pick through here for things you might like. Don't take "little known" too seriously.

I'll start with my favorites and what they do, primarily windows only:

Clover (free)
Chrome-like tabs on Windows Explorer. Does what it says, and adds a bonus chrome-like bookmarks bar for quick navigation.

Everything Search (free)
This is hands down the best tool for searching your entire computer for anything. This blows the default search for Windows out of the water. The search is instant and you can do more complex pattern matching using regular expressions. I have more than 10 TB of data that is indexed by this tool and it's still millisecond search times for me.

Virtual Audio Cable (free - donation based)
This lets you route audio on your system by installing virtual sound devices. You can then do things like capture audio from only one program and record it with another or split all your system sounds for streaming using OBS.

ShareX (free)
This is an all-in-one utility for taking screenshots or recording video of your screen. Optionally has an immediate upload, so you can take a screenshot and get a link to share it. Lets you capture by screen, window, or by drawing shapes. Records to video or GIF. Highly customizeable. ShareX has been my go-to quick sharing tool for 8 years or so.

Sizer 4 (free)
Resize or move a window using specific values. If I need a window to be exactly 1280 x 720 in the center of the screen, this tool lets me do that by right clicking the window I want to resize. No more guessing with the mouse.

AquaSnap (paid)
A ton of useful utilities for managing multiple windows and window behavior. Especially useful if you have multiple/large monitors and lots of applications to run. You can do things like snap windows to a screen region, snap a window to the edge of another window, resize windows with or without resizing anything snapped to them, move snapped windows in a group, always on top any window, etc. There are way too many to list, check out the link for examples.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker (free)
Allows you to configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar. I use it specifically for Drag to Reorder and some small cosmetic tweaks.

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Not sure if it would be considered, "little known" but for anyone who uses a multi-monitor setup, I would recommend you trying out DisplayFusion. It's a collection of additions and tweaks to how multiple monitors operate on windows, it allows for different items to be pinned on each screen and have each monitor have different wallpapers and icons. https://www.displayfusion.com/ (there's a paid version but it really doesn't change much.)

Also, it's funny that you mention Clover because that exact feature is soon to be added to Windows 10 (ew)


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Here's some more:

WinDirStat (free)

If you're awful at managing your computer's storage space like me this tool takes the headache out of freeing up space. It will crunch the numbers on every file you have (or in a specific folder) and visualize what takes up the most space. It makes it really easy to pass judgement on things you'll never use.

SoundSwitch (free)

If you have multiple audio devices you switch between on Windows, this takes the headache out of switching between them. For some reason on windows, switching the output audio device takes like 6 steps. This tool adds a tray icon that takes only 1 click to switch.

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copying ur formatting cus it looks nice : )

GifCam (free)
Tiny program that lets you record portions of your screen to gif. I prefer this over Sharex's gif recorder cause it lets you edit the gifs in app after recording. The output quality isn't too bad either. I've been using to turn swfs into gifs for years.

⚠ Weeb shit below ⚠

Taiga (free)
This makes managing your animes easier. It keeps track of the stuff you watch and auto updates your MAL after you finish watching an episode. You can also set it up to auto download episodes. The program is also really small (~1mb)

Tachiyomi (free / Android only)
The best manga reader app for android. It lets you choose from multiple sites, gives you notifications when new chapters come out, auto updates MAL AND it doesn't have any ads. I stopped reading manga on my computer cause this makes it so much more easier

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lemme just pin this page real quick...

umm if you ever wanted transparent windows you could use glass2k.
its pretty useful in some situations

despite only making up 13% of the population....

only for the cool kids

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Handbrake: Video exported to the wrong format? Don't waste time re-rendering! Instead, use this tool to quickly transcode your video to any format. Free and Open-source, and runs on any OS.

Did I mention it was free?

--The NSA Agent

Duelist: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=19496&p=175184#p175184

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I can vouch for handbrake, good software

Here's some more audio-related software I'd recommend:

Equalizer APO (free)

This is a pretty amazing equalizer that integrates right into Windows, letting you apply EQ right to your hardware interfaces. Computer too quiet? Increase the gain. Too much bass? Turn down the lower frequencies, leaving the higher ones alone. Very useful.

SoundLock (free)

Put a hard limit on how loud your sound output can get. This is a life saver for movies where the voices are really quiet but the MUSIC AND ACTION ARE REALLY LOUD.

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