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General Discussion Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the General Discussion Forums! Here you can kick back, and relax with your fellow Dojo members. Just keep in mind of the Sitewide Rules when posting, especially the section on common sense netiquette.

To reiterate, it is fine to post leisurely, but please try to keep discussions interesting and engaging to everyone. Memes, short posts, posts with only an image do not particularly add to a discussion and can drive away potentially interesting posts made from other members. If a conversation suddenly devolves into petty flaming/trolling, do not engage. Report and a moderator will deal with it. Threads that spiral out of control in this manner risk being locked.

Spamming, double posting and needlessly bumping thread topics will easily earn you a warning or a ban. Please do not bump threads when they have not slipped from the first page, and even then, please contribute to the discussion with new information. Posts that are simply there for the sake of bumping will be removed. If you have accidentally double posted from a simple glitch, please be aware that you are able to delete the second post with the Delete Post icon within 10 minutes. Forum games, such as mafia and hurt&heals are currently not allowed. Please do not start these threads as they will be closed.

We want to keep this forum as laid back as possible, so moderation will take a similar approach. We will not dictate what topics are allowed or not allowed in the forums, but we ask that you keep in mind of the nature of this forum and be respectful to one another!

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