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hello im guessing the name made you check this thread out. ok the reason im doing this is because i've been thinking there are a lot of people who just end up with a slightly altered generic swordsman\woman so i thought it would be a good idea to just drop a new blank duelist for use by whoever wants it for the price of 1 internets

name : Beregise(can be changed)
gender : male
age : 25

backstory : born as a slave child for a wealthy family he didnt get a formal education till the age of 7.years of hard labor turned his skin to a strange dark yellow tone and hardened it to become a sort of shell do to immense radiation from the spells cast on him by the familys child.at the age of 23 he killed the child who tortured him with a hunting rifle which he was using to hunt a bear as the family only dined on a new type of meat every week.he was wounded by the child and to his shock discovered that his body could'nt heal wounds the normal way do to the shell like skin.

combat method : a martini henry rifle with bayonet. he is unskilled with most combat methods not connected to hunting but has experience using anything from a boar spear to a musket. able to make some quite basic traps using twigs and branches but still prefers to ambush targets.

strengths: years of exposure have made his skin crazy thick and rough. has skill using many ranged weapons and ambush tactics. quick thinking and loyal to those he calls a friend

weakness:his body is almost unable to heal wounds in less then a week so a simple cut could become a threat. hot headed and violent. quick to trust and quite gullible. his loyalty is often used against him.

taken by : n\a

just dm me and you can have him for the price of your time and 1 internet now off for vodka

Always wanted to join the army so instead of not wasting my life. i chose to read books, beat up vibra and drink. now i spend most of my time getting ready to go to drink, being sad about not drinking and being drunk that and writing story's

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I love you so much!

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