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I cant log out of this account every time i hit log out it just takes me to forums! I cant log out pls help me! thx <3

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What the heck you're right. It's happening to me too.

But sometimes I actually log out. Uhh, I guess, just try going on random pages and click log out on each page. Maybe it's just some specific parts of the website that's causing the problem?

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@Poloster gonna move your topic to the "Bug Reports & Suggestions" and place it up as a Bug!
Sadly we can't fix it as of right now and we probably might not be able to for quite awhile because our devs are currently working on a new website for us all to migrate to eventually :(
But I'll place this here so they see this hopefully in the future and not make the same mistakes~


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I can’t see my activity feed, when I try and look at it, it says I’m logged out but when I log in it says I’m logged in already and I’m si fuckin confused

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my home/index is broken and stays the same now, but activity feed works i guess xd

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