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Colors | School Project

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by Jan   |   2,238   |   December 8th, 2016, 12:16 pm
I actually finsihed animating this about a year ago, but was never really satisfied with the result, thus it never got uploaded :(

I've decided fuck it so I'm uploading it after...
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I do enjoy the concept very much, give ur self some more credit, sure theres room to improve, but its not the worse thing either, i think a few peeps have proved that superior basic skills, and the ability to convey the story/action will always beat out how perfect the "art" is. But Pls educate me what makes u so unsatisfied with it?
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  Okidox · 1481493908
Well for starters I prcrastinated too much and when the deadlien came I had to rush most of it which ended up not the way I wanted. Also it just felt like it could be done better, had more to it, more details, better animation...
Idk just throughout the whole thing it didn't feel all that well done.
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