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Spirit Fist Episode (With Music)

  by enigmastudios

Spirit Fist Episode (With Music)

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The pilot of "Spirit Fist!" follow Derek Walker as he enters Skullington High a school run by gangs of the paranormal. He quickly makes friends with Jason and Mellony but things start to go awry when Mellony's ex-boyfriend shows up.
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Hey, this is actually pretty decent, just keep at it and you guys will get even better and better. I've seen a lot of web series' that start off alright with a lot of potential, and then later on they begin blowing our minds with the action, storytelling, and animation.

I'm looking forward to when this reaches that level of polish.

Good luck, you guys!
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Date Submitted: April 2nd, 2017, 7:38 pm
File Size: 10.55 MB

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