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Faction War - Purge vs Perthro

  by Jazzon

Faction War - Purge vs Perthro

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(Stay till the end. There's A LOT after the credits.)

Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJqCHbLKIro

Animators :
Jazzon - http://hyunsdojo.com/user.php?u=jazzon
ShadowQrow - http://hyunsdojo.com/user.php?u=shadowqrow
Hanif13 - http://hyunsdojo.com/user.php?u=hanif13

Here it is at last! This took way longer than it should have, but we're pleased with the results. Some parts of it had to be cut, and the voice acting thing didn't work out, but this is still the best animation each of us was ever a part of creating and our biggest project so far. As you can see, there's a very visible difference in styles of each animator but hopefully that will just make the animation more colorful.
Also, what do you know? This is the first ever faction war! This is going down in history! We're looking forward to seeing what Perthro could come up with too!

A little bit of backstory with papa Jazzon now:
"...After many duels the three of them fought, Dithrium, Arzon and Sayo, the three members of the Purge assassin's clan, met up in order to face their most intimidating opponent ever - the Perthro faction. The goal of this mission was simple: to purify the world by cleansing it of three duelists who Purge found unworthy of living in the utopia they were trying to create.
This was just the beginning of the ideology that would soon shake the world of Cier to it's core..."

Music :
1. Immediate Music - St. Francis By Moonlight "Quantum"
2. Valentin Boomes ~ MANA feat. Julie Elven
3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Happiness
4. Unison - Translucent
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Very unique i'm actually quite happy to see this. It's something used but powerful. Honesty the animation could use some work. Effects as well. Semantics were really on point though. Very refreshing and new themes, which i like very much. I wouldn't call it very exciting but it was defs story-ful and super actiony. Great work. id say work on your poses though they seem a bit awkward at times. Still amazing to see. 5-5
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fancy stuff. as someone who has no idea who these characters are their personalities showed through the fighting styles. bravo
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gook work loved the fight and the ending made me kinda sad but I love the quote at the end ;)
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Date Submitted: April 8th, 2017, 10:39 am
File Size: 296.54 MB

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