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Steel vs Core [Dojo Duels]

  by Steel

Steel vs Core [Dojo Duels]

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Battle Thread: http://www.hyunsdojo.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=13564

Hey guys, this is my first 'long' animation since being back, and its good to be back. I was debating adding sounds to this (punching and whooshing), and did, but it always fell flat from what I was intending. I feel like the music itself really carried what I wanted on its own, and I feel like I did a decent enough job syncing with it that I didnt need sounds.

I really tried hard to experiment with angles on this, so hopefully I didnt confuse anyone :P. Next time I think I will put a lot more planning ahead of time into the angles and drawing the backgrounds.

Anyways, enjoy!
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· 1497663281
i saw the name steel and almost lost my shit
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· 1496537540
Oldschool af man I love it. I think the only thing you could have worked on would be cleaning up your sticks.
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· 1494380617
No one lets out that much blood when they get punched tho.

Rlly good animation tho.
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· 1494244645
Geez dude, that got pretty intense
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· 1494058715
goodness gracious how brutal
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Date Submitted: April 16th, 2017, 8:02 pm
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