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The Elements Collab

  by Hanif13

The Elements Collab

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Dojo Duel Gold Rank


After 8 months since this collab started, This collab is RELEASED! :D

This collab could be actually done quicker, but since i had other important projects to do, so i had to delay it for months

This collab is about sticks who have elemental power(s) to defeat their enemies. Elemental powers consists of 5 main elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. Some sticks can only manipulate one element, but others can manipulate more than one element, or even manipulate all elements!

Thanks so much for those who participated in this collab!. Hope to meet you guys in the sequel of this collab! :D

Music Used: F-777 - Deadlocked
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· 1500230687
Aw man, I wish I could've participated in this collab, but my animation skills weren't ready yet... Hopefully there's a second one I can join...
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· 1499810603
Sakuma's part was fucking genius, i loved that
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· 1495335815
since my skills have improved since those 8 months i hope to take part in the sequel aswell XD
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· 1495335533
Finally :D It will probably be featured
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Date Submitted: May 20th, 2017, 9:44 pm
File Size: 107.09 MB

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