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Obstacle Course Collab 5

  by Unseen

Obstacle Course Collab 5

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Dojo Partner


The last occ5 collab. I completely forgot! Sorry but this is file so big. k I will drop the image quality and upload it Thank you.

Used programs.
-Adobe Flash CS6
-Adobe Premiere Pro

Music in order

Elextron Gun - TeknoAXE

Varia - My Great Adventure
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· 1498344029
this was incredibly well done
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· 1498187357
MikiPoint's was funny, OP34 and Cid was the best. EXTRA pts for Kronus, Atsukedaime and Hares for 3 at the same TIME!!! that was awesome!!
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· 1498152193
OP34 and Cid's part was my favourite :D
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· 1498130534
I found the part with OP34 & Cid the most interesting as they used video game characters and it wasnt just the same usual stick figures, so good job with that.

Hyun & Hinthunter part was pretty funny, I liked how Hyun said he will never mod HintHunter. xD

PurpL I didnt really know what was happening.

Kayal & SB I loved the vfx.

Overall, I thought this collab was good. I would have loved to be in the collab, but wasnt accepted, but that doesnt matter now, Good job Unseen.
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· 1498069117
you get one star for each obstacle course collab
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  KJ · 1498069155
so basically, 5 stars
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Date Submitted: June 20th, 2017, 9:54 pm
File Size: 114.03 MB

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