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Ando vs Rogue

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by Ando4611   |   1,055   |   January 2nd, 2018, 6:45 pm
Dojo Duel #1 !!!!
This has been a long project due to school and work but I finally finished!
I hope you guys enjoy :)

Ando - Can create clones of himself, Stretch his limps,...
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nice VFX and angles, I think that you can improve your mechanical transformations and fire/smoke FX unless thats what u were going for. I do like how u showed Ando's powers for the most part, tho i think u could have gone further by showing the shockwave Ando created hitting Rogue and the creation of the clones, having him take the power from the jetpack was a nice move tho, tho i do think u could have showed the jetpacks power rapidly depleting/dropping or the actual energy being siphoned away.
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