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Let's Just Joint 2 !

  by RedsAnims

Let's Just Joint 2 !

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Hosted by Reds and EclipseH

Music:Feed me-Gravel
Credits is made by Crylex

Animators and their parts (in order)
Reds: 0:10-0:20
HintHunte: 0:21-0:29
Exortine: 0:30-0:43
Kudo: 0:44-0:50
Ehven: 0:51-0:57
CD: 0:58-1:02
MarcAlex-123: 1:03-1:07
Crylex: 1:08-1:11
Mowfaq2015: 1:12-1:18
AJAnims: 1:19-1:25
Tetromations: 1:26-1:31
Vivify: 1:32-1:40
Neutral: 1:41-1:45
Dercie & Mersy: 1:46-1:59
MarcAlex-123 & Crylex: 2:00-2:13
Amu: 2:14-2:21
2bored: 2:22-2:33
Doumaki: 2:34-2:40
Remy: 2:41-2:46
Acely: 2:47-2:55
Sakuma: 2:56-3:10
EclipseH: 3:11-3:14

*Though i really dint do much work on it. it's all thanks to EclipseH on managing it to the success !
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· 1533029288
I saw Mortal Kombat, Undertale and Minecraft!
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· 1532808496
Super Sweet
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· 1532805472
If you guys make another one of these, im joining for sure.
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· 1532763838
im not malaysian i swear
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· 1532689463
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Date Submitted: July 25th, 2018, 8:52 am
File Size: 6.82 MB

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