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Kaneki vs arima (tokyo ghoul)

  by T0RRzaX

Kaneki vs arima (tokyo ghoul)

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a fight i animated from the manga (SPOILER WARNING for those who haven't read up to this chapter:)

kaneki faces off against arima aka the CCG's reaper and faces the deadly consequences which leads him on his path to becoming haise sasaki....

"glassy sky"
audio is taken from tokyo ghoul the anime

this video is a parody which falls into fair use as i am also not making anything off this (obviously :o)
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· 1539810086
not a tokyo goul watcher but pretty cool!
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· 1538576008
This is one of the best stick nodes animation I've seen, extremely smooth animation, I could follow everything in there, but I work on character design and the timing of your sound effects. Still great all around, keep doing your best and push your program to the limits.
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  Vilostrike218 · 1538658723
thanks so much! that means alot aha :D

and yeah, ill try my best to improve design and sound input

thanks for the tips man! :)
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Date Submitted: October 1st, 2018, 11:20 pm
File Size: 11.45 MB

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