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Road Block (2010)

  by Gildedguy

Road Block (2010)

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An animator struggles to find inspiration.

I made this back in high school (2010) for my final art portfolio. That semester, I was required to produce more than a dozen art pieces for an official portfolio. Problem was, this was my second art course there, and my background in art was purely recreational / hobbyist. I had trouble pumping out art on demand.

By the time I reached my final piece (this animation), I was creatively drained and begging for ideas to appear.

As you will find at the end of the animation, I think I overcame that problem. Nowadays, I have too many ideas!
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· 1482524540
So even back before Gildedguy was a thing, Michael was plagued by burnt bacon...
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  ninjasonic102 · 1520011168
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· 1470593864
... that kinda scared me thinking something evil would come... but its all good XD
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· 1458112485
Thats mostly me trying to make an idea
just without the insanity loook
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· 1453218771
赞到飞起!Nice going!!加油~~支持你!!:D
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· 1423268565
Now that's the power of Bacon!
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Date Submitted: January 18th, 2015, 8:48 pm
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