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[Maplestory] Hageshii Sukiru Bash Collab 3

  by ZackAttack

[Maplestory] Hageshii Sukiru Bash Collab 3

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Link to collab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOLQv_KS66E

Man, I would have uploaded the whole thing here but the file size exceeded HyundDojo's size limit. over 1 GB. :'[. Also before you ask, Yeah I know there's no HSBC 1 or 2 anywhere to be found. The uploader deleted them off his youtube for some unspoken reason. But hey! You can still find all the animations made for those older collabs by searching up "Hageshii Sukiru Bash Collab" on youtube!

This mini-movie has been in development for about 2 years. 2, very stressful years. But after a lot of work I finally got this thing done. But hey, it wasn't just me that worked on this. A lot of other people helped out too!
This was a community project of MapleMation, a forum where animators, spriters, and artists are welcome to show their talents. Feel free to drop on by: http://maplemation.com/forums/
If you actually read the credits, first off, thank you for not asking "What's the song????" There's credits for a reason you dumbos. Secondly, I suggest you should look up some of the participants names on youtube. They worked hard on their parts and deserve all the love they can get.

Thank you all for your time, I appreciate every last one of you.Also youtube's copyright system is complete garbage.
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· 1439161050
2 years >.>
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· 1439148580
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· 1438939185
This collab makes our collabs look like SHIiEEE. But 2 years to work on this is crazy. Amazing job over at MapleMation.
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  Hyun · 1438943085
omg. hyun's cmt !!
my precious....
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Date Submitted: August 7th, 2015, 1:44 am
File Size: 26.23 MB

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