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Cursed Bloodline Episode 1

  by AltilaryFN

Cursed Bloodline Episode 1

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This is a stick fight series about a girl named Alice who is trying to stop her brother, Aiden, from being taken over from what Rayleigh has done to him. With the help of Hyde and Wander Alice faces off against Aiden and Rayleigh.

Character Abilities rundown-

Alice: The ability to summon, control, and create darkness of any kind. She also has a long sword which she can use to channel her darkness abilities through. In her 2nd curse form she has a pair of wings, her darkness powers increase and she gains dual swords.

Aiden: He has the same darkness abilities like Alice since they are siblings. In his 2nd curse form he gains a pair of wings and his darkness abilities greatly increase.

Hyde: This character belongs to N1nty or Ninry on Hyun's Dojo and is a DDS member. Hyde can summon any weapon of his choosing to use in any situation rather it be a sword for attacking or a shield for defense.

Wander: Wander belongs to Hyp3r or Hyp3riiox on Hyun's Dojo and is a DDS member. Wander can break dimensions and travel throughout them at will and can also shatter space around him to atttack.

Rayleigh: Rayleigh has the ability to make portals from his dimensions to another. With this portals he can summon minions, travel, spawn weapons, etc, He also wields a giant glaive ax.

Visit our Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSRWVBH4YqWFYtPvAFzNGKA

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· 1541887727
this reminds me tatsubon house and dead carl, so nostalgic man
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· 1486076430
Yep, You need to make a manga.
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· 1442812635
You guys do some really amazing stuff with Flipnote.
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· 1442698837
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· 1442623385
Have you heard the songs (Ending story??) and 「Juvenile」 also by ONE OK ROCK?
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Date Submitted: September 2nd, 2015, 4:54 pm
File Size: 5.74 MB

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