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Megalomaniac - Undertale (Spoilers)

  by Camila

Megalomaniac - Undertale (Spoilers)

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Frisk confronts Sans in the judgement hall... but... it seems like something different may happen this time.

Thank you guys SO much for ALL the support you've given to me. This animation was super fun to make! and it got even better when all of you joined my streams. I'll keep animating other stuffs, and I hope to see new faces in my streams as well!.


Megalovania piano cover : https://youtu.be/tbLcwBV1L0E
Dummy! remix: https://youtu.be/jdzbmbG8mys

Stay Determined! ♥
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· 1551233456
>:).... halp me.
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· 1482642201
holy balls my mind is blown nice fanamation
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· 1478282944
CLAPS* That WAS PURE BEAUTY RIGHT THERE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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· 1465971562
je... me recuerda a cuando hice la ruta genocida... tenia curiosidad de ver lo dificil que era... pero no estaba completamente a gusto(me habia encariƱado), como sea cuando llegue a sans me costo muchisimo vencerlo y luego revivi a alguien, no estoy seguro quien, y ahora ya no puedo jugar :c y me comi un jumpscare bonito, me gusta mas este final :D Toby Foxy deberia considerar agregarlo en una actualizacion
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· 1461367580
Hmm. That's a wonderful idea!
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Date Submitted: February 28th, 2016, 4:12 pm
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