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BSE V5 - R1

  by Fordz

BSE V5 - R1

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[ BSE V5 - R1 ] Best Sequence Execution: Version 5 - Round 1

A competition held at Stickpage and hosted by Camila and Tsang.

~So yeah, started BSE V5 with a lot of cinematic effects. Hopefully, by the end of the last round I'll be a professional animator. A lot has happened while making this. This was originally made in Flash 8 but since Macromedia went shit and liked to crash all the time, I switched to Adobe Flash CS6 which was confusing at first, but I eventually mastered it. I made a lot of new things which made this animation different from the rest, I put in flares, a lot of screams, smokes and explosions! Anjelo helped a lot with the flares ^.^

Anyway, enjoy!
This was inspired by Yun, Syrius and Guz!

Special Element:
One of the fighters must be using a jetpack, whether it is on or off

Punch, Kick, Uppercut, Kick, Elbow, Headbutt, Kick, Kick, Knee, Jetpack-impact finisher

Finish Him! - Louder

BTW, subscribe <3
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· 1421527399
Very Good!
Coming From Your Buddy Zemy
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· 1386520087
It's pretty cool, but too much effects for me :)
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· 1384684967
Dis Shit Shall be FIRST !
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· 1384607246
Fuc*ing cool movement effec everthing
Gj man Awesome
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Date Submitted: November 9th, 2013, 12:51 pm
File Size: 1.39 MB

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