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Over The Top

  by HypoZero

Over The Top

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Fire, Water, and Earth dish it out. Well, mostly Fire and Water.

Alternatively, you can watch the non-lag YouTube version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpGimWdyDpc

Some neat tidbits:
1.) This was made back at 2015 as a weekly, which the required element for the weekly "Over the top" feeling, for my previous clan "Hero". I couldn't reach the week deadline so I stopped.

2.) I continued this because when I was showing my previous animations to my girlfriend, she squealed when she saw this one and then convinced me to finish this using her cute powers.

3.) The first half of this animation was animated in mouse and the other half was finished with a tablet (Specifically where the blue guy summoned water and made the huge cloud of smoke vanish around him).

4.) Experimented with a few things here and went out of my comfort zone a bit. There also faults in the beginning scenes to which I did not fix as my girlfriend told me not to.

5.) The models/skeleton frames are actually quite wrong. The rib cage is not that short and the pelvis is definitely not shaped that way (However, it's stylized by Andrew Loomis) but again, my GF told me not to fix those as she liked it.
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· 1480974305
those VFX were over the top!
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· 1480974279
oh wow that was very good, that ending tho... it got me
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· 1480067517
watching this for the 30th time hahaha
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· 1479791782
Holy fuck!!It is AMAZING!!
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· 1479779132
this is fucking amazing
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Date Submitted: November 11th, 2016, 7:54 am
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